Material handling equipment simplifies work processes

NIEROS® is a global designer and manufacturer of high-tech stainless steel products, covering a wide field of industrial facilities and providing their clients with complete customer service and support.

Not only that they offer custom-made solutions that effectively solve a bunch of difficulties their business partners face on a daily basis, but also help them meet the necessary quality standards and contribute to their time-cost optimization. They are able to truly comprehend and respect their customers, as well as their specific needs and industries they operate in. Being extremely quality focused, they deliver high added value that gets appreciated and valued by their many clients. Material handling equipment


Material handling equipment

It covers complete solutions for tipping, tilting, lifting and transporting loads of various sizes and weight, suitable for a wide range of production processes, such as food processing, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, chemical and veterinary industry. This kind of equipment helps us with time and place utility through the handling, storage, and control of materials. Having to do with heavy-duty industrial equipment such as pallets, bins, barrels, containers, boxes and packages, Nieros equipment for handling material is vital in all production oriented industries. It is constructed in high-quality stainless steel that guarantees longevity and reliability. Material handling devices by Nieros not only enable humanization of work processes and economical management,  but also simplify work processes, reduce workplace injuries,  boost productivity and workflow, reduce labour costs and  conform to the strictest hygienic and safety standard, that are vital for the success of our production.


Material handling systems

Handling systems made by Nieros help managing our internal production processes as economically as possible by providing fully comprehensive, integrated and customizable stainless steel solutions for internal logistics and material handling systems. They are designed to meet our every need and can be produced in-house in compliance with the highest quality requirements. Designed primarily for the specific needs of food processing industry, their intralogistics and material handling solutions include transport systems, food processing lines, material handling equipment, and warehouse systems.

All Nieros systems can be fully customized. Every solution all the way from a simple idea to its final implementation and after-sales support, is developed with full support of their experts. Covering the entire intralogistics and processes for handling material, including transport, loading, food cutting, sorting, order picking, labelling and storage, NIEROS® solutions guarantee a smooth and optimized material flow respecting ISO, HACCP, IFS and other standards for the manipulation of delicate goods.

Automated material handling system


Automated material handling systems

Material handling involves short-distance movement within the confines of a building or between a building and a transportation vehicle. Automated system of a kind requires a wide range of manual, semi-automated, and automated equipment but the inclusion of protection, storage, and control of materials throughout their manufacturing, warehousing, distribution, consumption, and disposal should be also considered.

Nieros offers different types of automated systems that represent an integrated solutions for lifting, tipping, tilting and transporting loads of various sizes and weight, suited for a wide range of production processes, with the ability for the best utilisation of our time and space through the handling, storage, and control of materials. All of their material managing solutions as well as warehouse management systems are easily incorporated into other product they offer. They are also made from stainless steel that assures long life span and unmatched resistance to any damage. Due to their firm construction, maintenance and cleaning of these machines is very simple.

There are three types of automated material handling systems manufactured by Nieros. Lift Systems are very convenient and ergonomic lifting solutions, designed for lifting different load classes to a height of up to 6 metres for further handling, tilting, dosing or stacking and retrieving. Tipping and tilting equipment allows easy, quick and safe material managing such as dosing, emptying, cleaning and weighing to achieve superior performance and impeccable hygiene.


Tilting equipment

Nieros tilting equipment enables easy, quick and safe handling, such as dosing, emptying, cleaning and weighing to achieve superior performance and impeccable hygiene. It is known by its innovative, ergonomic and flexible design and constructed from high-quality European components in stainless steel. Their tipping and tilting devices, are the solution for all high-risk production areas with low ceilings in pursuit of efficient and safe handling of Eurobins, various tanks and containers, boxes and barrels with different contents. Their double safety systems, Safety Lock, Hold & Work principle and Soft Stop & Start function, enable gentle tipping and tilting of the load, protecting it from damage. In addition to tilters for handling various items, Nieros tipping and tilting equipment includes also bin tilters and wash frames, designed specifically for safe, effortless emptying and cleaning of bins from an elevated position, creating a smooth workflow and complying with the superior hygiene standards.

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