Living containers

Modular living space

Living containers are increasingly used for residential purposes. The technological advances and research progress in material and technologies used in their production have led to standards of quality and efficiency being on a comparable level to more traditional building types. Modular living containers as produced by REM come in standard sizes of units, which are upgradeable and can be joined into bigger and more extensive compounds. The living containers, for sale in harmonised units of steel constructions and panels, come with integrated electrical appliances and sanitary installations. Portable living containers can be shipped to distant locations and are easily assembled in all weather conditions, including in extreme climates. All temporary living containers are presented on our website, where the typical models and their characteristics are described. This is illustrative and can be further customized.  When a company is sufficiently big, there’s possibilities to use the potential of innovation to tap into new options. Sometimes the decision for innovative approaches is taken with the view to new business models or out of pure need. In any case, with REM containers you’re on the fast track to the future. Come in and get it!

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