LED courtesy lights are an economic way for courtesy lighting

LED courtesy lights

We can use them for interior or exterior courtesy lighting. They gently illuminate hazardous areas such as steps, staircases or other elevation changes, walkways, storage areas, salons and staterooms, as well as helm stations, flybridges and hard tops. They can be also used as cockpit, compartment, cabin, locker lights etc. and can be mounted anywhere.

If we prefer coloured lights, we can choose RGB versions, with simple control of complete group of the lights and reflector with holographic diffuser. They are usually equipped with stainless steel, easy to install and suitable as interior and exterior downlights, step or staircase lights.

12 volt courtesy LED lights are suitable for cars, vehicle interiors (floor), caravans, motorhomes, vans, trucks, lorries, boats etc. These LEDs have constant voltage power supply, very stable performance, they last long and have low power consumption.

Blue LED courtesy lights are often used as clearance marker lights and are also suitable for interior, or exterior courtesy applications on walkways, steps or storage areas. They are highly energy efficient, equipped with stainless steel housings and different number of bright LEDs that provide excellent brilliance

Boat courtesy lights are widely used for gentle illumination of hazardous areas such as steps or other elevation changes of our boat and a great way of lighting our boat deck. Whilst choosing the right type of LEDs for this purpose, we should pay attention. They must be suitable for external use in wet areas.

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