Professionals know best how to install laminate flooring on concrete

On our site you can find advice on how to install laminate flooring on concrete. For additional how to information it is best to ask professionals. If you still aren`t sure how to make the installation, it is probably best to hire professionals. Installing laminate flooring over concrete basement has to be done by some basic rules. It is important how the concrete basement is prepared, how underlayment is placed, how planks are fitted together and much more. First important thing is preparation of basement. If laminate flooring will be installed on concrete basement, you need to make sure that concrete basement is levelled and without any big imperfections. Another important thing about concrete basement is humidity. If concrete basement in newly built, you have to wait for it to dry before installing laminate flooring. How to know if basement is dry? You can use a special humidity meter to make sure, concrete basement is dry enough for next step. For proper installation of laminate flooring over concrete, use of quality underlayment is highly recommended. Underlayment functions as a sound, water and temperature barrier. It also provides stability and natural contraction and expansion of laminate. It is much easier to install laminate flooring with attached underlayment. First row of laminate planks has to be placed few centimetres away from the wall. That way laminate has space for expansion.

lamiante flooring on concrete

Before starting it is best to inform yourself how to install laminate flooring on concrete

Can I install laminate flooring over concrete? Of course. Concrete is one of the best basements for installing laminate flooring. You just have to be careful, how concrete basement will be prepared and how suitable underlayment will be laid. Laminate flooring from our sales program is installed using click system. That means no glue is used in the process, therefore installation is much quicker and easier. Because there are no harmful vapours from glue, this method is health friendly. Laminate flooring comes already prevarnished which means there is no other processes like sanding and oiling or lacquering. Floors can be used immediately after installation process is done.

how to install laminate flooring on concrete

How to install laminate flooring on concrete basement with proper underlayment?

Can laminate flooring be installed on concrete? Of course. Whole installation process is not complicated. But if you don`t know how to do it, we recommend you seek professional help. There are many mistakes which can be made during installation. Small mistakes can compromise durability of your floors. If planks are not placed correctly, water can cause growth of mould and cause swelling of boards.

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