Industrial washing machines we manufacture can be fully customized

Industrial washing machines are used for cleaning standardized items like boxes, racks, crates, pallets, basket, bins and many more. In industries where hygiene is important, it is crucial to have equipment which offers high performance. That is especially important in food processing industry, where high hygiene standards have to be accomplished. We are industrial washing machine manufacturers with long tradition and renounced name. Our products are sold all around the world, we have representatives in 30 different countries. Our industrial washing machines clean various items thoroughly and quickly. They are multipurpose or specialized and can be fully customized to client needs. Their benefits are exceptional performance during entire cleaning process, water recycling, easy cleaning and maintenance, adjustable washing parameters, high quality material built in parts, low operating costs and low maintenance.

Specialized industrial washing machines are suitable for cleaning crates, pallets, baskets

Automatic industrial washing machine

Multipurpose washing machines are suitable for companies which work with diverse items such as pallets, crates, bins, containers and more. They are available in cabin or tunnel version. Their water recycling system reduces energy and fresh water consumption which makes them very ecologic. They also have double filtering system and low water protection device, for preventing damage in case of insufficient water level. All items are cleaned with 85°C water to ensure superior hygiene which is especially important in food processing and pharmaceutical industry. Item specific washing machines are available in tunnel or cabin version. They are the best solution for any company with items of similar shape, material and size which need to be cleaned. To deliver the best cleaning results and to accommodate wide range of products all industrial washing machines we manufacture, have adjustable nozzles, hold down attachments and sideguards. We also manufacture a lot of additional equipment with various options for each model. Their high cleaning capacity and water recycling system are features which are most important. Recycling system collects rinse water which is used again in one of the cycles. This way it uses significantly less fresh water.  Industrial crate washers have many features: they are tunnel model suitable for many different items, they have capacity of 3000 items per hour, adjustable nozzles, in rinsing zone they have object detection sensor, nozzles and water tanks are every easy to access. Washing machine for pallets and other items that we manufacture are available with many options: steam water heating, sanitization with 85°C water, fan for extracting vapour, in case rinse water in not hot enough, additional electric flow water heater is available. It can have 2 filters: first on is rotary drum filter for larger dirt and belt filter for removing small particles.

We are manufacturers of multipurposed and specialized industrial washing machines

Total industrial cleaning solutions that we manufacture are used in many industries where highest cleaning solutions are demanded. They are eco-friendly, easy to operate and have low operating costs. Every item can be cleaned and disinfected fast and thorough. We manufacture multipurpose washing machine of high quality stainless steel. Specialized machines that we manufacture are suitable for any cleaning process, they have exquisite performance. Because we manufacture them in the house they can be fully customized and combined with our other cleaning equipment. Specialized washing machines are most commonly used in food processing industries and chemical industry. There are many models: sticker remover, IBC drying tunnel, blow off machine and vacuum-packed item blow off tunnel. Sticker remover system works in a way it removes stickers form crates only with water under pressure. Blow off tunnels and drying machines remove water from washed items with a special blow off to leave the item completely dry. Sanitizing machine can work as a modular unit or can be a part of bigger cleaning system. It is used for sanitizing various vacuum-packed products which can be in bags, buckets, tins or on trays. Sanitizing system has water recycling system and vapour extraction fan which makes it highly cost and time efficient with optimal water and energy consumption. It is used where hygiene is a crucial factor, especially in food processing industry and pharmaceutical industry.

Automatic hand washing station is one of industrial cleaning machines we manufacture

Industrial washing machine manufacturers NierosBeside industrial washing machines we also offer many types of hand cleaning systems. One of them is automatic hand washing station. It ensures thorough cleaning and disinfection which complies with highest hygiene standards IFS, NSF and HACCP. Ergonomic design of hand cleaning and drying machines provide thorough hygiene which is most important in food industry. Station has automatic dosage of soap and disinfection agent which is applied through stainless steel nozzles, illuminated sanitation chamber has rubber edge protectors for higher comfort, it is designed with smooth surface finish for easy cleaning. Cleaning process begins with soaping and it continues with rinsing under running water. Disinfection is the last step which completes the process. Some types of systems include turnstile which allows personnel to enter the production area only after they completed extensive cleaning process.

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