Industrial washing machine helps maintaining optimal hygiene standards

As we know, industrial washing is way more efficient than a home one. With time it evolved to be very effective in removing oil stains, metal fillings and dust, thus providing safe and clean equipment for any business. We are usually talking about a special system that automatically washes cleaning aprons and uniforms, but also mechanical parts, utensils and other industrial equipment.

Industrial washing machines designed by Nieros offer solutions for variety of businesses with the need off superior washing performance. They can be multipurpose or specialized, suitable for washing standardized items such as Euro stacking containers, Euro-pallets, baskets and Eurobins, plastic crates, trays, moulds, boxes, racks, and last not the least, they offer a chance of total customisation, meeting the needs and requirements of any client.

The company offers high quality tunnel and cabin versions of these machines of several varieties, industrial tray washing machines, utensils washers, boot wash stations, washer machines for live poultry boxes, large containers, smoking sticks and smoke trolleys, universal ones for crates, palettes and buggies, and combinations of each, like the ones for crates and chocolate moulds or barrels and covers.

Their professional, highly specialized industrial washing machines can be combined with other devices, are indispensable in industries such as bakery, fruit and vegetable, chemical or other sectors, and can function as independent units, or parts of broader washing machine systems.

industrial washer and dryer

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