Industrial washing equipment

Nieros industrial washing equipment is a solution for companies where exceptional performance is expected along with low operating costs and user-friendly operation. In many industries highest hygiene standard is a necessity, especially in food processing industry. Optimal washing machine needs to have high performance and superior efficiency. Our industrial cleaning machines provide quick and thorough cleaning process for any dirty items. Machines can be multipurposed for various items or specialized for specific item, in both cases they are adjusted to latest technology and are produced in many versions. They comply with standards and certificates such as HACCP, IFS, NSF, ISO 9001.

Our industrial wash systems are equipped with clean water saving technology

Nieros industrial wash systems are cost effective as a result of efficient energy use and optimal water consumption. One of our core values is sustainable development because we realize that long term success can be achieved only when we think and act responsibly. Impact on environment is always on our mind when we are developing new solutions. Water is an important natural resource which is limited. That is why we put special effort in designing solutions which use as little clean water as possible. As a result, our cleaning machines reduce water and energy consumption, guarantee long lifetime and time cost optimization. Water recycling system reduces consumption by reusing water from different cleaning phases. Rinse water is collected for use in pre-washing or cleaning phase. Another great feature of our machines is double filter which prolongs pump lifespan by stopping all dirt particles. To prevent damage on the pump and heating elements, low water level protection stops machine in any cleaning phase in case of insufficient water level.

Industrial washing machine

Multipurpose industrial washing equipment is designed for cleaning of boxes, bins, crates

Multipurpose industrial washing machines are the right choice for businesses which need to wash diverse items such as stacking containers, crates, euro-pallets, IBC containers. They are available as cabin or tunnel version. Washing machine CLT PB provides thorough cleaning of euro pallets, stackable tanks, containers and can accommodate up to 50 items per hour. Size limit for items is 1250 x 1250 mm. Every unit has an integrated blow-off function. Industrial washer can be integrated in conveyors which separate and turn the items around for thorough cleaning. This box washer is a tunnel machine which has three washing phases with object detection sensor in rinsing zone. It is made of stainless-steel, it can be fully customized. Nieros bin washer CLK 800 washes, rinses and sanitizes items for superior hygiene. It is a cabin version machine, with capacity of 25 items per hour. It has automated loading and unloading functions with safety light beams in loading/unloading area. Utensil washer CLU is designed for pharmaceutical, food and other industries where highest level of hygiene is required. With automatic washing and sanitization if efficiently cleans various machine parts, knife baskets, moulds, laboratory equipment, dishes, euro stacking containers and much more. Waste bin washing machine CLT WB can accommodate up to 500 items per hour, machine has special lane for the lids, so thorough cleaning is insured.

Bin washer machine

Item-specific industrial washing equipment for crates, containers, pallets are very efficient

Nieros item specific industrial washing equipment is the best solution for companies which have to clean items of similar shape, material and size. All machines have adjustable nozzles, hold-down attachments and sideguards to accommodate wide range of items and provide superior cleaning results. They also have variety of options and extra equipment but it is the best cleaning capacity and sustainable features like water recycling system that make our industrial washing machines first choice for our clients. Crate washer CLT has an electric water heating, automatic detergent dispenser, object detention sensor, adjustable nozzles and many more features which makes it very efficient and cost effective. It is a compact industrial cleaning equipment for crates or stacking containers with similar dimensions, euro pallets, utensil baskets. Nieros machine CLT IBC is designed for cleaning stainless-steel intermediate bulk containers with or without a cover. Machine can accommodate up to 80 containers per hour. Eurobin cleaning machines CLK 200 and CLK 300 are made for cleaning 200 or 300 litre eurobins. They are capable of cleaning eurobins and their wheels, with working paste of 30 items per hour. Pallet machine CLT P cleans metal and plastic euro pallets, layer pads, trays and other items which can be loaded into tunnel version machine: manually one at a time, on a conveyor or in stacks. It can accommodate up to 240 various items per hour with maximum size 1000 x 1200 mm. Brushes are a feature that thoroughly clean surface of pallets. Smoke trolley machine CLK ST is another specific industrial washing equipment which is the best solution for thorough cleaning of smoke trolleys. With foaming, cleaning, rinsing zone this cabin machine can accommodate 25 items per hour. Mould washer CLT MO cleans various types of moulds, layer pads, trays. It is capable of removing all grease and residue, which makes items perfectly clean.

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