Industrial wash systems are made for crate, bin, box thorough cleaning

High quality industrial wash systems are an absolute must, especially in food processing industry and other industries where highest hygiene standards have to be met. We produce industrial washing equipment which offers high performance and efficiency. All our products are easy to use and have low operating costs. Multipurpose or specialized, they can be fully customized according to client needs. Our machines are not only cost effective but also have efficient energy use and optimal water consumption. They comply with many standards and certificates such as HACCP, IFS, NFS and ISO 9001. Benefits of our industrial wash systems are: exceptional performance throughout entire cleaning process, adjustable cleaning parameters and easy access to water tanks and spray nozzles, easy cleaning and maintenance, water recycling, low operating and maintenance costs, standardized or fully customized for meeting client’s requirements, in compliance with international standards. Our industrial wash machines such as crate washer, bin washer, box washer, pallet washer and others can be integrated in automatic conveyor systems and upgraded to complete whole cleaning – drying – sanitation process. After a complete wash and rinse, all items go through initial drying process before they are transferred into a blow-off tunnel for complete drying. After that, sanitation process begins which is the last step in cleaning process. When it is completed, items are transported to storage via automated warehouse system.

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Industrial washing equipment we produce is sold all around the world

We are manufacturers of industrial washing equipment made of high-quality stainless-steel for different kind of industries. We offer our clients complete customer service and support. Constant investment in professional development of our employees and modern technology results as innovations which permit us to deliver optimal solutions for divers needs of our clients in industries like food and beverage, automotive, pharmaceutical, agriculture, chemical and many more. Because we understand needs of our clients and their specific needs, our company offers custom made solutions which effectively focus on challenges they meet on daily basis.  Our beginnings were in 1773 when we started out as a small local plant and over the years, we grew into a global supplier. Today we have our representatives in more than 30 countries around the world. Because we always deliver high quality products with quality certificates, our clients trust us. Because we are so customer oriented, we offer complete customer support, which ranges from planning, engineering, consulting to after sales service. Our mission is to develop and produce complete products which cover needs of various industrial facilities. We have been able to responsibly fulfil need for progress, efficient servicing and modernization by building long term business relationships. Our vision is to continue development as inventive and eco oriented manufacturer of high-quality stainless-steel industrial equipment. Specific design, functionality and modern solutions are features which make our products recognizable. We will remain strongly customer oriented and very flexible in answering market needs. We will still continue to develop solutions based on our experiences and support of advanced technology.

Our industrial wash systems have many standard features which make them recognizable

Multipurpose industrial wash systems are perfect solution for companies with diverse items such as crates, bins, pallets, IBC containers and others. They are available in cabin or tunnel version. Standard features of industrial wash systems are smooth surface finish, adjustable height, water recycling system, low water level protection, double filtering system, wash and rinse zone, electric water heating, adjustable wash and rinse parameters and automatic detergent dispenser. Tunnel version of washing machine also has object detecting sensor in the rinsing zone, adjustable nozzles and adjustable sideguards and hold-down attachments. There are also many options which client can choose to configure industrial wash systems according to their requirements. We can make adaptation of machine to local electrical standards, add additional electric flow heater, sanitizer dispenser, steam water heating, vapour extraction fan, sanitization with 85°C water. We can also add rotary drum filter for larger dirt particles or belt filter to remove micro particles, mesh conveyor belt.

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One of our industrial wash systems is crate washer with advanced sustainable solutions

Crate washer is a compact machine for complete cleaning of euro crates or crate of same dimensions and characteristics, pallets and utensil baskets. Superior cleaning results are guaranteed with efficient wash and rinse zone. Capacity of crate washer is from 250 to 3000 items per hour, which depends on model. Our industrial wash systems have sustainable cleaning solutions like water recycling system which reduces water consumption by reusing rinse water from other cleaning phases. Rinse water is collected to make it available for pre-wash or for cleaning phase. Double filtering system lengthens pumps lifespan because water which flows through pump contains no dirt particles. Another sustainable solution is low water level protection with function to stop the machine if there is insufficient water level in system. That way it prevents any kind of damage to the pump or heating elements which can appear in case water level is too low.

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