Our industrial storage solutions are used worldwide

In Nieros we are offering different industrial storage solutions for our customers. Industrial storage systems can be used in almost any industry worldwide and we offer solution for every single one of them.

Industrial storage solutions offer maximum space utilization. Due to the effective traceability system stored items are easily found and transported to the spot, when needed. In addition, the control of inventory is accurate, simple and user-friendly. Furthermore, order picking is quick and efficient.

industrial storage solutions

Low energy consumption and user-friendly operating system of industrial storage solutions

Industrial storage systems are mostly made of stainless steel and other high-quality built-in materials, which ensure long life span of warehouse storage solutions. Maintenance of industrial storage solutions is easy and operating costs are low. Since the storage area is carefully planned and well organized, employing only state-of-the-art technology, it is easy to clean, which in turn significantly improves hygiene conditions. You can decide for automated storage systems, but there are also manually operated storage systems available.

Adapted storage and warehousing solutions, designed especially for our customers

In Nieros, we are offering end-to-end industrial storage solutions for every warehouse type. Furthermore, we can also adapt storage system solution to our customers needs, which will ensure even more effective and efficient work. Every industrial storage solution provided by Nieros is fully integrated with other NIEROS® logistics solutions. All our warehouses use FIFO principle (first in, first out principle), so maximum product quality is ensured. Warehouses are designed to be easy cleaned and therefore high level of hygiene can be achieved.

industrial storage solutions nieros

Which type of industrial storage system to choose, depends on storage capacity needs, available space and type of products that will be stored. But we are not only offering you industrial system solutions, but also many other types of industrial equipment. For example, there are many hygiene solutions available, which will assure you demanded standard of hygiene needed in your industry. In addition, you can decide for food processing lines, material handling devices, and other transport systems. In case of any further questions about warehouse storage solutions, automated storage systems or any other type of product, please do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to provide more detailed information about industrial storage solutions when needed.


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