Industrial storage solutions

The type of industrial storage system usually depends on your storage capacity needs, available space and type of products that will be stored. Industrial storage solutions produced by Nieros can be operated automatically or manually and are extremely easy to maintain. Since the storage area is carefully planned and well organized, employing only state of the art technology, it is easy to clean, which will gradually significantly improve your hygiene conditions. Due to the high-quality materials and built-in parts the systems consist of, we guarantee their long life span. Based on needs, you have a choice of manual operation, automatic charging and manual removal, manual charging and automatic removal or automatic charging and automatic removal.

Industrial storage solutions offer maximum space utilization. Because of their effective traceability system, the stored items can be easily found and transported to the spot in the time of need. The control of inventory is accurate, simple and user-friendly, order picking quick and efficient.

Configuration of industrial storage system depends on the needs of the costumer. At Nieros we are offering different industrial storages that can be used in almost any industry worldwide and not just standard, but also tailor made solutions for every single one of them. Our industrial storage system devices are mostly made of stainless steel and other high-quality built-in materials, which ensure their long life span. Every industrial storage solution provided by Nieros is fully integrated with other Nieros logistics solutions. All our warehouses use FIFO principle (first in, first out principle), so maximum product quality is ensured.

Industrial storage racks

Industrial storage racks ensure easy and efficient storing. They are mostly used in industrial warehouses, suitable for a variety of different industries, designed to carry heavy loads and offer economic managing of space and storage process. They can be installed without any structural changes to the buildings, which lowers the investment costs. Due to their easy cleaning and maintenance, they offer high hygiene standards. Their Loading and unloading can be done automatically or manually.

Storage racks for warehouses have adjustable grids (200 mm) and a standard rack height (1800 mm). Each rack in warehouse accommodates up to 9 shelves. Industrial storage racks have two possible depths (430 and 550 mm) and twelve rack lengths (from to 1900 mm). Their shelf capacity is 200 kg of evenly distributed weight. They contain system extensions with additional racks and angle reinforcement. In Nieros we also offer some specially designed ones that can be optimal for cold storages or commission rooms with limited area. Our industrial storage racks are mostly made of stainless steel that ensures their longevity. Moreover, all our industrial storages meet HACCP standard.

Warehouse storage solutions

When it comes to storage and warehousing, it is really hard to imagine an industry without some practical industrial storage solutions. They are important for continuous work flow, good overview over the items, goods and materials, clean and organized facility and worker’s safety. They simplify work processes, enable quick and easy storage of the cargo, help maintaining orders and facilitate inventory control.

The main types of warehouse storage solutions with particular applications are pallet racking, shelving, mobile shelving, multi-tier racking and mezzanine flooring.

Industrial storage solutions have many benefits like efficient shelving, automated storage system, automated retrieval systems, warehouse storage solution etc. They can also include lockers for personnel, solutions for boxes, pallets and more. The best way of guaranteeing the quality of your products is incorporating “first-in, first-out” principle.

An effective and tailored warehouse storage solution furthermore enables the best usage of given space, a time-costs optimization, a good traceability, an easier inventory control, a quick reaction to customer’s demands, economic efficiency, low maintenance, low operating costs and adaptability to client’s specific needs.

Warehouse storage systems

Nieros warehouse storage systems are designed to optimize your production. They are modular, customizable, and they assure fast and simple storing of your equipment, allowing you to use the most of your warehouse space and capacities. We have developed some efficient automated storage systems that can help you reach your goals even quicker, and assured storage capacities for raw materials, resources, goods of different kinds and various other articles.

Industrial racking systems

Warehouse racking systems

Pallet racking systems Logistics and storage are becoming increasingly important for the economy. In order for the companies to function smoothly and cost-optimally, Nieros has developed industrial racking systems as a part of our high-quality logistics solutions. They can be adapted to storage spaces of any kind or size, as our products range extends from industrial companies to retail chains. All our storage systems are suitable for bulky goods as well as small parts warehouses. They allow you to store and transport as much as possible in the smallest possible space.

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