Industrial storage racks are a big help in warehouse organisation

Storage racks are used in many industries and workplaces like distribution centres, warehouses, manufacturing plants, and the storage areas of retail operations.

Warehouse storage solutions

Storage systems are essential for keeping the items on stock well organized. If we pick a good one, it will help to make our warehouse more effective and productive. Nieros offers a diverse range of industrial storage solutions that can be applicable to numerous industries and will with no doubt contribute to their effectiveness and great organisation. Using them makes the stored items easily traceable and quickly accessible at any given time. They are user friendly and ergonomically designed, simplifying the work tasks and increasing productivity. By using this kind of systems the storage areas become carefully planned and well organized, employing only advanced technology. They are quite simple to clean and can by definition improve the warehouse hygiene conditions, especially important for any kind of food industry. Because the company is well aware of the time and space importance, every storage system designed by Nieros operates on “first-in, first-out” (FIFO) principle.

When choosing a Nieros storage system solution, we can pick between manual or automatic operation. In addition, there are end-to-end solutions for every storage type offered. The company can design tailor-made solutions for any specific requirements.

Industrial racking systems

Industrial racking systems

Industrial storage racks are most of the industriesˈ necessity. It is actually quite difficult to imagine a warehouse without them. Unlike ordinary shelfs, we are talking about a specially designed piece of storage equipment, designed to carry a lot of weight. Nieros designs several efficacious space-saving solutions for storage and shelving. Besides manual systems, they also develop some automated ones, making sure, our industrial storage systems will not only satisfy, but also exceed any expectations.

Their racking systems for warehouses are suitable for both, smaller industries, warehouses and big halls, but they are proven to be especially functional in the situations, when we have to make the very most of the available space. Nieros industrial storage racks have adjustable grids (200 mm) and a standard rack height (1800 mm), but can be always tailored and adapted to different needs. Each individual piece of this equipment can have up to 9 built-up shelves and two depths (550 mm and 430 mm), with the length that can vary from 600 mm to 1900 mm. They can carry 200 kilograms.

We can choose among storage racks and systems for cold storages (addition of several elements, optimal for cold storages), manual, automatic charging and manual removal systems, manual charging and automatic removal and fully automated storage systems.

In case of a difficult decision, Nieros experts will gladly help us to find the most suitable solutions.

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