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Achieving high level of hygiene in your company is sometimes od a crucial importance – especially in meat and other food processing industries, where the danger of food poisoning is high. Nieros industrial washing machines are designed to perform and built to last. With our state-of-art technology we make sure that our industrial size washing machines even exceeding sanitation guidelines. However, in Nieros we are not only offering the best industrial washing machines, but also other sanitary equipment; such as hygiene stations and hygiene systems. With our industrial hygiene equipment, you will be able to maintain a clean and sterile work environment, having your sanitary needs covered at every stage of the production process. All of our products are constructed mostly from stainless steel which ensures long life span and effective maintenance of the products. One can choose between following products:

  • hygiene station,
  • footwear cleaning,
  • hand cleaning,
  • equipment cleaning,
  • boot dryers, changing room equipment,
  • low-pressure cleaning systems,
  • washing machines for industrial use.

Industrial washing machine for sale

Industrial washing machines for sale are ready to wash aprons and uniforms

In meat processing industry there is a problem of washing aprons. Cleaning aprons is not easy but represents a necessary task to keep hygiene standard at required level. But how to wash aprons appropriately and effectively if the stains are obstinate? With Nieros industrial washing machines  all stains will be a part of the past. As well as the reliability, performance and quality that Nieros washing machines for industrial use provide, you’ll also benefit from features that make doing laundry easier, such as infection control technology, rigid-mount or free-standing options, eco-friendly cycles, technology that will help you save money on your utility bills and customisable wash programmes to ensure the best wash in every wash. Additionally, the interface is user friendly, which will make the process of washing aprons and uniforms even easier, quicker and more efficient.

High quality materials ensure long life span of industrial washing machines for sale

All of our industrial washing machines for sale are made from high quality materials that ensure long life span of the machines. Furthermore, the maintenance of the machines is easier and faster due to the durable materials that are easily cleaned. In addition, all of industrial washing machines for sale are in compliance with highest standards required around the world; such as HACCP, IFS and NSF. Additionally, machines for cleaning aprons assure minimal contamination risk and will ensure high hygiene level in your company.

Washing machines for industrial use ensure effective disinfection of aprons and work uniforms in any production process in need of complying with the highest hygiene standards. Our manual and automatic cleaning technology became the winning combination, designed to efficiently wash and sterilize aprons and uniforms, thus minimizing the risk of product contamination in the food processing industry.

One can choose between two industrial washing machines for sale:

  • Apron cleaning machine SWM ensures quick and thorough apron cleaning, optimizing the operating costs through minimum energy and time consumption. Its dispersion system allows the cleaning agent and water to be sprayed over the brushes simultaneously while an additional safety rail on top provides maximum safety in the use of the machine.
  • Apron and boot washing cabin SWK is specially designed for washing aprons, footwear, and other small objects (buckets, for instance). The dispersion system allows the cleaning agent and water to be sprayed over the brushes simultaneously while the cleaning agent dosage is adjustable.

Industrial washing machine Nieros

There is also meat processing equipment available ate Nieros

Nevertheless, in Nieros we are not one of industrial washing machines manufacturer and hygiene solution provider. We also offer many other solutions regarding meat processing industry. There are desks and worktables, bins and containers available as well as trolleys, accessories and ham presses available. Our meat processing equipment is also made from stainless steel which ensures easy cleaning of the equipment. Furthermore, lifespan of the equipment is long. Last but not least, meat processing equipment is user friendly and will optimize the working process in your factory. Together with washing machines for industrial use our meat processing equipment will make working proces organized and more efficient.

Industrial washing machines for sale are available on our web site

Do you want to find out more about industrial washing machines for sale? Visit our web site and check the wide selection of products we prepared for you. In case of any further questions about pur products and hygiene solutions please do not hesitate to contact us via email or to call us, we will be very happy to help you with additional information about industrial washing machines or any other type of product you are interested in.

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