Industrial Ovens – Which Type of Burner is Best?

Industrial ovens are an important part of a variety of industries, as they are used for heat treatment of various materials in solid or liquid form, such as: glass, ceramics, steel, tires, bricks, etc. Heat treatment takes place at extremely high temperatures. Industrial ovens enable a wide range of heat treatment processes, which include: tempering, annealing, sintering, normalization, baking, carbonitriding, nitriding, heating metal before blacksmithing or pulling, enhancing the composition of products and modifying their physical qualities. Industrial ovens can be divided according to their purpose, such as: thermal treatment, heating, sintering, melting and drying. They can operate using a variety of heat sources, from gas, coal, heating oil, to electricity. Some types of industrial ovens also operate without an external heat source. The chamber of an industrial oven can be designed in different ways (rotary, tunnel, line or cave). They also differ in the way the exhaust gas heat is used (there are ovens without heat exchangers, and also regenerative or recuperative ovens). Industrial ovens also differ in relation to the method of heat transfer, the method of loading the oven and heat reuse. The company Procesni inženiring is one of the top industrial oven manufacturers for the UK. They take care of the replacement of old industrial ovens or their components with new ones that meet all the needs of individual industries. In addition, they also manufacture custom-built industrial ovens, regardless of their complexity and technological requirements.

Industrial ovens

When to replace or upgrade and industrial oven?

Over a long period of time, the performance of industrial ovens can diminish because of possible mechanical issues, changing of the manufacturing demands and innovations in the industrial ovens production. A vast number of industrial ovens can be improved, so greater functionality and effectiveness can be achieved. The company Procesni inženiring, which has been operating since 1990, offers customers the replacement and upgrade of industrial oven heating systems, and the manufacture of their own elements. Their goal is customer satisfaction, so their high-tech solutions are safe to use, reliable, durable and long lasting. In their production process, they use smart technology and combine different technologies if necessary. They find the best solution for the specific needs of the customers’ technological process. When manufacturing industrial ovens, chamber ovens and other units, they take into account both the minimum and maximum production of the customer. Their solutions are professional, innovative and flexible, as they always dedicate themselves to the client and take into account their requirements.

The best type of industrial oven burner for your industry

Industrial oven improvements are very important for the metal and other industries because they help optimize the energy consumption and enhance the performance of the production process. As mentioned beforehand, a part of the solutions offered by the company Procesni inženiring, is upgrading of the industrial burners. They offer quality and innovative industrial oven burner components that are an excellent replacement for any type of industrial oven. Their burner sets are tailor-made to the specific needs of the client. Even an old machine can be renovated and modernized so it finally meets all the safety requirements. Due to their expertise and vast experience in the field, they always help find their client the right type of burner with the optimal strength. For example, they offer their clients advice on what elements are best for using waste heat, and if a remote control of the burner is the right solution for them. Therefore, they help their customers avoid a lot of energy losses and reduce costs.

On the other hand, they manufacture custom-made industrial ovens that are tailored to the needs and requirements of a specific industry and manufacture process. Their production includes industrial chamber and continuous industrial ovens that operate below 600° C and above 1000° C.

Continuous ovens – suitable for large production industries

Continuous industrial ovens or conveyor ovens enable a large-scale production at different speeds. In addition, they allow you to control the heat that is being used in different areas. These ovens consist of a conveyor belt, numerous heating areas, an exhaust system and an area where the materials are cooled down. These systems are very flexible, because they can be integrated into a production line. They run automatically. At Procesni inženiring, they manufacture continuous ovens that can be applied to different industrial needs, such as curing, baking, tempering, anneling, etc. These types of devices are largely used in different fields of metal industry, from electric motor industries to metal packaging. They manufacture continuous ovens that operate below 600° C and above 1000° C. The first type of ovens is mainly used for paint finishing or brushing. The second type enables heat treatment at extremely high temperatures and is great for heating delicate materials. Both types of continuous industrial ovens guarantee an even distribution of heat – exactly what’s needed for the best results.

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