Industrial logistics systems manage the information and material flow

Industrial logistics systems consist of resources such as people, organisation and technology, including information technology/systems for managing the inbound logistics, and production and outbound logistics to create value for customers. When manufacturing/service activities are decentralised and geographically dispersed, the role of logistics becomes much more important in reducing the time to reach the market by effectively managing the information and material flow along the supply chain.

The main advantage of automated logistic systems, widely used within enterprise logistics processes, is that they increase the efficiency and reliability of logistics processes.

Logistic management systems offer fully comprehensive, integrated customizable intralogistics and material handling solutions to help managing the internal production processes as economically as possible. Logistics management systems designed by Nieros are compact, connected, flexible, practical, long lasting and customer friendly. They allow us to add and remove components and structures easily and will help us organise our space and internal production procedures economically and intuitively. They also simplify our production process and help us minimize losses and injuries in transport, food production, material handling or warehouses.

Nieros offers different kinds of logistic solutions like total intralogistics and material handling, transport systems, food processing line solutions, material handling equipment and different warehouse systems solutions.

Logistics and warehousing

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