Stainless steel hand washbasin which integrates the best solutions

Stainless steel hand washbasins from Nieros are a comprehensive solution for all companies that want to ensure a spotlessly clean production chain. Regardless of your sector, even in the highly demanding food processing, we have made sure that our integrated hand washbasin provides what you need. Through our years of experience and first class experts, we have been able to design innovative products that guarantee a hygienic and cost-efficient working process. Look no further to buy a washbasin, because our offer of highest quality hand washbasins is at a price, suitable for everyone.

Industrial washbasins from Nieros from stainless steel

Our industrial washbasins guarantee the highest hygiene in hand washing for your personnel. They are produced from high-quality stainless steel, which also includes the in-built water tap and a constant splash-back. If you are looking for the highest level of standards in cleanliness and efficiency, you are at the right place!

We’ve also added a lot of useful accessories and functions to our industrial washbasin. As a customer-oriented company, we’re always putting the clients’ needs first and therefore all our solutions consider your needs. Also in our offer regarding the stainless steel hand washbasins, geared towards your particular production needs, we advise you the most adequate industrial washbasin. This means that it will be the optimal model to cater for the number of your personnel members and your type of production.

Hand wash basin price

Choose from a wide variety of industrial hand washbasins for your particular needs

Our stainless steel hand washbasins can consist of one or more components. Thy can be stand-alone or mounted on the floor or walls and come in various sizes to suit your needs. We have included different options of control: sensor or knee operated. In addition, it is possible to add other features that increase the efficiency of the process. This includes a tap made from stainless steel, a valve for water mixing (for temperatures between 35 °C and 65 °C), as well as a constant splash back. In addition, stainless steel hand washbasins from Nieros include an industrial washbasin, made for washing different utensils, like baskets for knives, gloves, other tools used in production or working equipment. We deliver all of our washbasins ready-to-be-installed.

Want to buy a washbasin?  We offer top hand washbasin at a price, acceptable for all

In Nieros, we never compromise on quality and guarantee you the optimum hand washbasin price-efficiency ratio. Our extensive experience and many loyal clients all over the world are our guarantee that with us you buy a washbasin at the highest cost efficiency. The benefits of our different models include features and specifications, which distinguish our stainless steel hand washbasins from those of our competitors. The sinks of industrial washbasins can be rounded or square, ranging in different sizes and depths. The dimensions can be standards or adjusted to your wishes and needs upon request. We will always consider your wishes to accommodate various additional units on top of the basic versions of our industrial washbasins.

The many benefits of our hand washbasins include the fact that we’ve developed a design, where the risk of contamination for your personnel or your production chain is minimal, even in the food processing industry. We’ve ensured compliance with the highest standards, such as NSF, HACCP and IFS. We fully understand the requirements of our clients, relating to time and space, together with cost-efficiency needs. Therefore our hygiene solutions are comprehensive and will answer to the needs of your business. This is not only due to our client-and-service orientation, but also to our technological advances, expertise and fit-to-measure solutions. Our stainless steel hand washbasins are self-explanatory to use and innovative. We’ve gone out of our way to ensure that everything is produced in-house, which guarantees us he complete overview of the process and a total ownership of our high-quality industrial washbasins. We ensure regular and rigorous quality checks and monitor compliance and client satisfaction rates continually.

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All our experience and expertise used in designing our industrial hand washbasins

Nieros is a company building on tradition in producing hand washbasins, hygienic solutions and comprehensive logistics systems for different industry branches. Our experience extends over decades, if not centuries, where we have grown from a small pre-industrial plan into one of the market leaders in the field. Located in the green region between the hills we are among people, dedicated to hard work and new ideas. This character, together with a constant drive for newest technology and innovation, has led to growth and results that are earning us awards and competition’s praise. No compromising on quality while ensuring optimum cost-efficiency is our motto.

Visit our website for a complete overview of our offer and more information on our products. We’re available for any additional information in person, over the phone or email. Get in touch, we’ll be happy to provide you with a customized offer and find the best solution for your needs.

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