Industrial equipment of quality and precision for all industry branches

Industrial equipment from Nieros is based on almost two centuries of tradition in our company. We always strive to deliver results that satisfy your production and process needs, regardless of the sector you’re working in. We understand that every industry branch has specific requirements and our industrial equipment is made to address them. We’ve employed experts who will do their utmost to manage your expectations and deliver the optimum result. Our standard or customized solutions are always targeted to your needs. We manufacture industrial equipment for food processing industry, logistical and transport-related activities, hygiene and washing-related solutions, as well as weighing equipment. NIEROS® products are confirmed by the adequate certificates and standards, including worktables and desks; bins, tanks and containers; utensils and accessories; trolleys; impact protection for walls and corners; ham pressers and cooling tanks, as well as drains.

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Weighing equipment for your production – comprehensive material handling solution

We understand the complexities of any production chain and deliver comprehensive solutions for your processes, including weighing equipment. Our products are designed to help you remain competitive and cost-efficient, while never compromising quality standards of our customizable and integrated stainless steel systems for internal logistics and material handling. While they are most usable in the food processing industry, their use can be extended to other sectors. High precision and multifaceted design are prime features of our industrial equipment, which includes systems for transportation, lines in food processing, material handling tools and warehouse solutions. Our weighing equipment is designed ergonomically, which increases productivity and comfort. We’ve optimized production lives and performance, and improved the flow inside your company. The space is maximally used, because we pride ourselves on the top-end digital monitoring tools to ensure the optimal use of time. Our solutions are always developed in cooperation with our clients, who are the final end-users of our industrial equipment. We value your advice and opinion and strive to meet your needs.

Highest hygiene levels in bin washing equipment for your completely clean production

We understand the pressures of modern production, especially in the area of hygiene and uncompromising standards. Therefore our solutions in bin washing equipment are made to give you a complete guarantee of clean and fast performance. The industrial washers from Nieros are operated through easy and user-friendly systems, with customizable parameters and easily accessible spray nozzles and water access. We care about the environment and always prioritize water reuse, wherever possible. Our industrial equipment has top quality built-in components and guarantees low costs of maintenance and operation. It is simple to maintain and clean, while it can come standardized or fully customized. You’ll find all information about our offer on our website. Contact us for a personal solution which will address your needs and fit your production.

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Fastest and most precise industrial washing equipment to raise productivity

We fully understand the hygiene needs of any industry branch, especially the high standards of the food processing industry, and have developed washing and weighting equipment which meet all industry and regulation requirements. Be sure to choose the industrial equipment that builds on decades of experience, expertise and customer satisfaction. Our industrial washing equipment systems never compromise on quality, yet still ensure the cost-efficiency that you need to remain competitive. All your dirty items will be cleaned quickly and completely. The multipurpose or specialised industrial equipment solutions that we provide are indispensable in washing standardized or address on-demand environments. Our units include the latest technology and come in different versions. We’ve ensured the rationalisation of water use and efficient energy consumption. All products comply with industry certificates and standards, like HACCP and NFS, ISO 9001 and IFS.

Trust world experts in automated warehouse equipment with 200 years’ experience

We build on our 245 years’ experience to deliver top-quality and cost efficient industrial equipment for your production. Our automated warehouse equipment, weighing equipment and other solutions help you optimize your work processes and support fundamentally your personnel in executing their working tasks. We strive to ensure the highest standards and fulfil the requirements of the industry through the relevant certificates. Our industrial equipment is diverse and multipurpose. Made from high-quality stainless steel, the maintenance is simple and straightforward. All our solutions are made to last and follow the latest technological and scientific trends in the industry.

Trust our extensive experience and innovative solutions. Join thousands of satisfied clients from all around the world, who have entrusted us with the delivery of results for their production specificities. We always deliver on time and to the point, working together with you from the idea to the result. In this way clients are included in the solution, which makes it adapted to their needs. Get in touch with us through our website, sales representatives all over the world or call us for an offer, which meets your requirements.

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