Industrial equipment in aid of optimized production process

Industrial equipment of Nieros production programme includes industrial hygiene solutions for clean and sterile work environment as well as material handling systems that cover transport activities and warehouse management. Industrial conveyor systems provide fast and safe transportation of products, crates, pallets and other cargo between different places within production area – and thus providing stable link and flow between production phases. Their ergonomic and multi-level design increases productivity. Industrial racking systems, as part of industrial storage solutions, utilize space and are robustly designed to carry heavy weights. They can be modified according to requirements of different industries. Warehouse systems ensure well organized storage space and good inventory control. They can be operated manually or automatically. Digital monitoring (RFID system) enables time and cost optimization. Industrial logistic systems can be customized to serve different industrial sectors; pharma and chemical, food and agriculture, transportation and automotive industry, to name just a few. They are innovatively designed and intended to achieve performance optimization through economical management of production process. High-tech stainless steel constructions are easy to clean and assure compliance with quality and hygiene standards.

Industrial equipment

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