Industrial equipment for cleaning provides highest level of hygiene

All our industrial equipment is made of quality stainless-steel which is very easy to maintain and to clean. It is in compliance with highest hygiene standards like HACCP, NSF and IFS. Even more, our state-of-the-art cleaning technology exceeds sanitation guidelines. Industrial hygiene equipment is most suitable answer for production areas where risk of contamination presents a big problem for the business. This is especially important in food processing industry. Our industrial hygiene equipment which are different stations and systems provide a clean and sterile environment at every stage of production process. User friendly, sustainable, cost effective, highly efficient and easy to maintain equipment provides highest hygiene standards for personnel and for production areas.

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Industrial hygiene equipment is made for hand, footwear and work area sanitation

Industrial hygiene equipment we produce is: hygiene stations, footwear and hand cleaning, equipment cleaning, boot dryers, changing room equipment, low pressure cleaning systems. Hygiene stations provide optimal sanitation on entry and exit points of production areas which is very important in many industries, particularly in food processing industry. They are designed for both handwashing and footwear cleaning and are composed of hand disinfection unit, brush cleaner or sanitation basin for cleaning footwear and turnstile control system. Hand disinfection units have illuminated chamber, automatic dosing system, stainless steel nozzles for cleaning agent application, rubber protectors and turnstile passage which ensures entering production areas only with clean hands. Footwear cleaning machines provide quick and thorough boot cleaning with minimal energy and water consumption. They are available in different models which have various brushes and cleaning line lengths. Some industrial machines are for sole cleaning and others are made for cleaning entire boots. Sole cleaners have horizontal brushes which are activated with a button, boot cleaners have vertical brushes which are height adjustable so they can thoroughly clean sides of boots. Some models even have hand brush for manual cleaning. Most efficient footwear cleaning machine combines cleaning station and disinfection unit for complete footwear. For thorough hand cleaning, we produce hand cleaning stations, hand cleaners, hand sanitizers and hand dryers. They can be floor and wall mounted or self-standing units. Their ergonomic design ensures proper sanitary practice, most of them work as a modular unit which combines many functions in one.

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Industrial washing equipment provides hygiene of working uniforms and footwear

Industrial equipment cleaning solutions provide hygiene of equipment which is used in various production processes. Sterilizers and apron cleaning industrial machines prevent product contamination and ensure that HACCP, IFS and NSF standards are met. They are energy saving solutions for various industries in reaching strict hygiene standards. Industrial sterilizers provide quick and effective disinfection of axes, saws, knives and knife baskets with washing and hot water sterilization process. Machine has double insulated walls which means it has low energy consumption. Apron cleaning machines provide clean work uniforms and footwear. They are made of stainless-steel, so they are durable and reliable. Apron cleaning machine is highly efficient and optimizes operating costs with minimum time and energy consumption. Boot dryer machine is designed for drying, sanitation and storing of all kind of work footwear. It efficiently reduces moisture and consequently prevents unpleasant odour. Use of boot dryer makes footwear comfortable and ready for use. Machine uses heated air for drying. Construction of boot dryer is made of stainless steel which has round pipe holders. Hot air blows from these pipes and dries footwear. It has electronically adjustable drying time and can complete 8 drying cycles in one day. Every industrial production facility needs a locker room for safe storage of personal and work equipment, clothes and footwear. We are producing lockers and hangers in different dimensions for keeping changing rooms well organized. Lockers have divided spaces for clean and dirty clothes, place for storing footwear, ventilation holes for maximum convenience. They are available in many different sizes with different numbers of doors. For keeping stored items safe, every locker has a lock. Low pressure cleaning systems are used for quick, easy and efficient cleaning of work areas. They are used in many industries because they prevent aerosol pollution and they don’t damage equipment. Water saving technology and low noise levels make the systems environmental and economical friendly choice. Systematic cleaning consists of 4 phases: pre-rinsing for removing large pieces of dirt with low pressure jet, foam cleaning for efficient removal of dirt, rinsing using clean water and disinfection of thoroughly cleaned surface. Low pressure cleaning system or industrial washing equipment is composed of: main, satellite and mobile station, hoses and spraying guns, hose reels, chemical centre, chemical canister holders.

Industrial meat processing and weighing equipment is used with all types of meat

Industrial meat processing equipment forms lines which are composed of standard or pneumatic cutting board, main conveyor belt, workstation with deboning and cutting tables, circular saw, chute, bone, full crate, empty crate conveyor belt, touchscreen control panel and control stations. Industrial weighing equipment is also part of production line and it is used as the last step before packaging.

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