Industrial cleaning equipment are machines made of stainless steel

Industrial cleaning equipment provides hygienic environment in compliance with HACCP, IFS and NSF standards, which is very important especially in food processing industry. For ensuring good sanitation practices and guidelines, high quality industrial machines are needed. Nieros produces industrial cleaning equipment for maintaining sterile work environment throughout whole production process. Industrial machines are made from stainless steel and are in compliance with CE standards, they can be sanitized completely. They are strong and reliable, very efficient, easy to maintain and very simple to use. Industrial cleaning machines are hygiene stations, low pressure, hand, footwear and equipment cleaning machines, boot dryers and changing room equipment. Industrial hygiene stations provide highest level of hygiene while personnel enter or exit production facility. They are designed in a way that water can’t stagnate in it and so they prevent growth of legionella and other bacteria. Work and personal protective equipment are sanitized and personnel receive proper hygiene practice. We can customize all our machines to suit every client needs.

industrial cleaning equipment

Industrial cleaning equipment also includes hygiene stations for hand and boot sanitizing

For optimal hand hygiene we offer different cleaning solutions which are hygiene control solutions, washbasins, accessories and Dyson Airblade dryers. All equipment is designed in a way to direct the personnel for correct and economic use. Hygiene control solutions are stations and sanitizers which provide thorough disinfection of hands before entering production area. Whole cleaning process is soaping, rinsing under running water and sanitizing. Industrial hand cleansers have hygienic design with smooth surface, automatic dispenser of soap and sanitizer, turnstiles which grant access to production area only when hand sanitation process is done and illuminated chamber with rubber edge protectors. Industrial washbasins are made of stainless steel, integrated tap and backsplash. They ensure thorough hand washing and some models are designed for washing cutting equipment like knifes, gloves, baskets and more. They can be sensor or knee operated, wall or floor mounted and they come in many sizes. Acessories which are used for maintaining proper hand hygiene are paper towel dispenser, wastepaper basket, paper role holder, waste sack holder and universal agent dispenser. Equipment is made of stainless steel and is great for better hand hygiene practice and for improving users experience. Dyson Airblade dryer machines are eco-friendly and highly hygienic. They take only 12 seconds for drying cycle and they have HEPA filters which remove 99,9% of bacteria from the air while drying hands.

Industrial cleaning equipment manually or automatically sanitizes aprons uniforms

Cleaning aprons uniforms is simple with manual and automatic technology. Cleaning machine is very time and cost-effective. Dispersion system sprays agent and water on brushes which ensure washing and sanitation. Apron washing cabin offers manual cleaning with brushes. Machine and washing cabin are made of stainless steel and they provide highest level of hygiene which is in compliance with HACCP, IFS and NSF standards. Our equipment sterilizers are suitable for production areas which have limited space. They ensure disinfection of appliances and tools, used in production process. Industrial sterilizers are designed for sanitizing different cutting tools with washing process and hot water sterilization. Knife baskets and knifes are sterilized with hot water with temperature 65-110°C. Temperature is regulated with thermostat and heater protection device. Sterilizing machine has double insulated walls which make it compact and functional. All cutting equipment is disinfected in short time and with minimal energy consumption.

cleaning aprons and uniforms

Industrial cleaning equipment for footwear has vertical or horizontal brushes

Footwear cleaning is necessary when entering and exiting production area. Industrial cleaning machines are very efficient, cost-effective, easy to use so they are valuable asset which provide high hygiene standards. They are equipped with brushes which are easy to change without any tools, dosage of sanitizer which is automated, design with smooth surface for hygienic reasons and are height adjustable. Available are in different sizes and can have different types of brushes. Brushes are specific for cleaning soles, sides or entire footwear. Brushes for soles are positioned horizontally and are activated with push of a button. Vertically positioned brushes are height adjustable and are for cleaning sides of boot. Some models are equipped with brush for manual cleaning. Most efficient cleaning solution is combination of station and disinfection unit for soles and sides of boot. All industrial equipment is made of stainless steel. We also produce boot dryer machines. They are designed for storing and drying of all kinds of working boots and shoes. They reduce moisture and eliminate bad odour so boots are functional, comfortable and always ready to use. Industrial boot dryer uses hot air. It is a construction with pipe holders from which hot air comes. It can dry up to 30 pairs of shoes or boots in one cycle. Drying time is adjusted electronically and can complete up to 8 drying cycles in one day. Boot storage racks have bigger capacity and they can store 10-40 pairs of shoes. Rack comes also in a double-sided version and can store up to 80 pair of boots or shoes.

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