Industrial cleaning equipment is vital for every industry

Due to the high importance of always maintaining high hygiene levels, Industrial cleaning and hygiene equipment is an essential part of many different industries where unmatched level of hygiene goes almost without saying. Nieros designs solutions that can be implemented in numerous industries. All of their products are in compliance with the highest standards accepted worldwide and suitable to use in a majority of countries.

Nieros produces industrial hand cleaners, machines for footwear cleaning, equipment sterilisers and apron cleaning machines. All the Nieros cleaning equipment has a stainless steel construction that assures superior longevity, high efficiency, sustainability and cost-efficiency. It gets built in-house, where high-quality standard is guaranteed, user-friendly and easy to maintain. It will help keeping our work equipment and personal protective equipment perfectly clean, while establishing proper hygiene practices for the personnel entering the production area.

Industrial washer machine should be a lot more efficient than ordinary one. This kind of systems automatically wash cleaning aprons and uniforms, mechanical parts, utensils and other equipment. They remove oil stains, metal fillings and dust and provide safe and clean equipment for any industry. With the technological development, the industrial washing machines have become extremely efficient. The relatively low costs of industrial washing machines make them affordable for even the smallest businesses and industries. Industrial washers for sale by Nieros are simple and versatile, appropriate for any business or need.

Industrial washer machine

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