Hygiene technologies ensure spotless work environment

Innovative technology for all areas of industrial hygiene supports companies in achieving the optimum starting position. The vigorous deployment of tailored hygiene applications secures success and quality in the long term.

Hygiene solutions designed by Nieros, are based on the tradition and experience. The legacy of our company reaches back to the times of the Austro-Hungarian monarchy, when our factory at the time played a role of one of the leading actors in the industrial revolution. With time, we kept the same leading role, but significantly expanded our offer by developing famous hygiene technologies, known all over the world. Our quality and service orientation have led to a high reputation that we are proud of and are keeping at every cost. Our hygiene solutions are comprehensive, up-to-date, and always adapting to the specific circumstances and needs.

We guarantee a bacteria-free and spotless work environment, achieved with help of our hygiene systems, industrial hygiene equipment and hygiene stations. Our cleaning devices are constructed in high quality stainless steel, efficient, sustainable, cost-effective and user-friendly. Using them helps keeping your materials and equipment spotless and introducing proper hygiene practices for your personnel.

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Hygiene procedures and control

Workers in every industry are exposed to a number of safety risks, including chemicals, noise, temperature, radiation, and diseases. Industrial hygiene uses science and engineering to anticipate, recognize and control workplace conditions that could cause workers injury or illness.

Hygiene procedures are practices that reduce germs to a level that does not threaten health. In order to significantly reduce or eliminate germ levels, they stretch beyond routine cleaning. Consistent attention to hygiene procedures is important in all industries, especially in the food processing industry, where food and raw materials handling is subject to strict sanitary regulations. The best way to ensure that employees maintain a clean workplace is a solid hygiene policy that changes from a place to place, as each and every workplace has slightly different requirements.

In Nieros we have developed hand hygiene stations for personnel, to be placed at the entry and exit areas of the production space. Our solutions also include footwear cleaning, washbasins, Dyson Airblade TM hand dryers and products for hand hygiene control. Our top quality stations are produced from premium stainless steel, also used for accessories and hand cleaners. The units are designed ergonomically and can be mounted to the wall, into the floor, or stand alone. As mostly modular solutions, they perform several functions in one unit and they all meet the hygiene standards of HACCP, IFS and NSF.

Industrial hygiene equipment

Industrial hygiene equipment manufacturers create special solutions that maintain a clean and sterile working environment at all stages of the production process. No matter which device is in question, the whole process is well planned and managed to enable the economical and thorough cleaning.

Hygiene stations mostly offer two-in one option and at the same time as they effectively wash hands and footwear. Their benefits are double function, effective disinfection of hands and quick brush cleaner for shoes, with a drip-off zone and turnstile controlled passage. They also automatically doze the sanitizing agent and have rubber protectors.

Nevertheless, there is also a choice of independent machines for footwear cleaning. Nieros developed one of the most effective ones in this area. It is height adjustable and can be placed upon entering or leaving the production area. It needs no tools, as all the work is done by the highly effective brushes and it has an automatic dosage of the sanitizer.

But there is not only clean hands and feet that are important. Clean working equipment plays a crucial part of every production. Therefore we offer an industrial hygiene monitoring equipment made exactly for this purpose. The sterilizers disinfect tools and other equipment in the production process (cutlery, saws, axes, knives etc.), the apron cleaners disinfect industrial aprons, low-pressure cleaning systems clean and disinfect working area in different industries etc. All of them are easy to use. They allow free choice of a cleaning agent, can reach every corner and clean the surface of 80 m2 per minute.

The industrial hygiene equipment also includes washroom hygiene equipment (basins, soap dispensers etc.), equipment for changing rooms (helmet and apron hangers, plank with hooks, lockers etc.) and boot driers.

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Hygiene station stand

Nieros hygiene stations guarantee optimal personnel hygiene at the production entry and exit points, which is crucial in a wide array of industries, in particular food processing ones.

Designed for, both handwashing and footwear cleaning purposes, they include automatic hand disinfection units, a walk-through brush cleaner or a sanitization basin with a drip-off zone (for cleaning sides and soles of the footwear), and a turnstile control system. While hand disinfection units include automatic dosing system and rubber edges protecting the illuminated chamber, a turnstile-controlled passage ensures that it is only possible to enter the sensitive production areas with properly cleaned hands. Being highly efficient, easy to maintain, quick to proceed and cost-effective, our high quality stainless steel hygiene stations play an important role in any business in pursuit of the highest hygiene standards.


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