Hygiene systems and industrial hygiene equipment maintain work hygiene

Proper hygiene and hygiene systems are required in almost every workplace environment, not just in workplaces handling food or chemicals. Every workplace has hygiene requirements that employees and visitors need to follow. With proper work hygiene, we can keep employees safe and the workplace clean. Each company has its own hygiene policy the staff follows. The expectations and intentions are different, but they all involve maintaining a clean and secure work environment. Workplaces, such as food processing plants, have more rigorous hygiene policies. Their industrial hygiene equipment is often located at the entry and exit points of the workspace. As a global manufacturer, we at NIEROS® make sure our high-tech stainless-steel products and solutions cover a wide array of industrial facilities. This way, we can provide our clients with absolute service and support.

Hygiene systemsHygiene systems and hygiene stations are preventing contamination

Some industries have no room for error. Industries, such as the food processing industry, can’t afford contamination and need state-of-the-art industrial hygiene equipment. Strict sanitation guidelines, and impeccable hygiene practices, can be achieved with NIEROS® fully comprehensive industrial hygiene solutions. Your company can maintain a sterile and safe environment with our industrial hygiene equipment, hygiene systems and hygiene stations. This way, the sanitary regulations are being followed at every phase of the production. Our products are made from high-quality stainless steel, which gives them exceptional reliability and longevity. NIEROS® industrial hygiene equipment is sustainable, easy to maintain, cost-effective, user-friendly and extremely efficient. Advanced hygiene station and hygiene control systems will keep your workplace perfectly clean and up to all sanitation standards.

Industrial hygiene equipment and hygiene stations assure immaculate hygiene

The best way to keep the work area immaculate is to keep the dirt and possible contaminants outside. This can be achieved with NIEROS® hygiene systems and NIEROS® hygiene stations, which implements appropriate hygiene practices for the staff while entering the production area. NIEROS® industrial hygiene equipment includes hygiene stations, footwear cleaning, hand cleaning, equipment cleaning, boot dryers, changing room equipment and low-pressure cleaning systems. Hygiene stations are the perfect solution for sterile workplaces that need to comply with high sanitation regulations. Our hygiene stations were designed for optimal hygiene at the production entry and exit points. They can be used for footwear cleaning and hand washing. Features of the hygiene stations vary based on the needs of the production. All of our hygiene stations are comply with the highest requirements and standards of HACCP, IFS and NSF. Hygiene control systems we designed are produced in-house and used for minimising contamination risk in the food-processing industry. Modular hygiene systems are high-functioning, easy-to-use, easy to maintain, quick to proceed and cost-effective equipment.

Hygiene systemsModular hygiene system and hygiene stations assure immaculate hygiene

NIEROS® Hygiene Stations are covering all the production needs. They were developed for larger productions lines and production lines with limited space, who want to achieve proper work hygiene. Warehouses often use hygiene stations to attain a sterile work environment. Hygiene Stations stands are height adjustable and fully digital with an automatic sanitising agent dosing system. Depending on a model, they have one, two or three lanes which allow 3 – 30 people per minute to go through the entry point. Hygiene stations with one lane are usually used for smaller productions, while the ones with three lanes are used for larger production areas, where many employees are entering and exiting. Dual lane stations have one lane with a footwear sanitisation basin with a drip-off zone when entering the production area and the other with footwear cleaning brushes when exiting the workplace. Three vertical footwear brushes clean both sides of the boots. The product also has an automatic hand disinfection unit and turnstile-controlled passage, which guarantees that the only way to enter the production area is with properly cleaned hands. NIEROS® Hygiene station stands also have an illuminated sanitisation chamber, stainless steel nozzles for automatic sanitiser application and rubber protectors for the illuminated chamber. Stations can be connected to personal card readers and centralised chemical supply. We are aware that every production line has different needs, and that is why the NIEROS® Hygiene Stations can be adjustable to various electric power distributions or completely custom-made.

Hygiene warehouse is kept to high standards with hygiene stations

Various productions need various cleaning solutions. Some need just footwear cleaning, and some only hand sanitising stations. NIEROS® footwear cleaning machines are industrial hygiene equipment that assures quick and efficient cleaning of footwear while entering or exiting the production area, where clean footwear is of the highest importance. NIEROS® walk-through footwear cleaning machines are available in different cleaning-line lengths, with different types of brushes that clean either the soles or the entire footwear. NIEROS® hand cleaning solutions were designed for optimal hand hygiene. Warehouses, production lines all have hygiene systems to prevent product contamination and the safety of the employees. The process of hand cleaning is thoroughly planned and managed to start with efficient soaping and thorough rinse under the running water. Hand disinfection, which destroys germs and bacteria, takes place after hands drying. Modular hygiene systems have a turnstile-controlled passage which allows entrance only to staff with properly cleaned hands.

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