Hygiene stations ensure high sanitation standards such as HACCP, IFS, NSF

Hygiene station manufacturersHygiene stations are used in many types of industries but they have crucial role in food processing industry. They provide highest level of personnel hygiene when entering or leaving production facilities. With extensive range of hygiene solutions which can be fully customized, we reduce food contamination risks in every stage of production process. All our equipment provides high sanitation which is in compliance with standards such as IFS, HAACP and NSF. Station design prevent water stagnation which can cause growth of legionella and other bacteria. Stations are made of stainless steel which is very durable and solid, it is easy to clean and is in compliance with the highest quality standards and CE requirements. All equipment we supply has quick and efficient use and has low operating and maintenance costs which optimize company’s productivity. Hygiene stations are very cost effective and are valuable assets to every company which pursuits highest hygiene standards. We can supply them in different designs, according to needs of clients. Because we are manufacturers of various stations, we can customize every product we produce. Our company offers full customer support, from planning to after sale services.

Hygiene station are designed in a way they direct personnel through correct process

We are hand hygiene equipment suppliers and our stations guarantee highest hand sanitation of the personnel when entering production area. To prevent any kind of contamination, washing and disinfection has to be done efficiently. That is the only way to meet sanitation standards of IFS, NSF, HACCP and others. Our hand hygiene stations are designed to direct the personnel to use the equipment correctly and economically. The sanitation process starts with thorough soaping, then rinsing under running water follows. After drying, final step is disinfection which destroys all bacteria and germs which could cause contamination. Station for this sanitation process is well designed and planned because it directs the personnel through all steps in correct order. Because passage has turnstile control, it guarantees that only personnel who completed sanitation process can enter production area. All stations which we supply have rubber edge protector which is in illuminated sanitisation chamber, sanitizing agent is applicated through stainless steel nozzles, soap and sanitizer are dosage automatically, turnstile is made of stainless steel and has smooth surface which is simple to clean.

Hygiene equipment suppliers Nieros
We can produce different kinds of hygiene stations according to client needs

Footwear hygiene is also very important and because of that, we supply highly efficient cleaning stations for footwear which ensure fast and thorough sanitation. Footwear cleaning machines which are industrial hygiene equipment, have brushes which are easy to change without use of any tools, they have automatic dosage of sanitizer, adjustable height and design with smooth surface which is very simple to clean. Depending on specifics of your production, we can manufacture different cleaning line lengths and different types of brushes. Some brushes are designed for cleaning only the soles of footwear. They are placed in machine in horizontal position and are activated with push of a button. Other brushes are designed for cleaning sides of footwear and are placed in machines in vertical position. They are height adjustable for efficient cleaning of the entire boot. We can also supply most efficient cleaning machines, which clean entire boot and additionally disinfect the footwear. Cleaning machines which we supply offer thorough cleaning of footwear while consuming minimal energy.

Hygiene stations are easy to use and require low maintenance

We are hygiene equipment manufacturers of boot driers, changing room equipment and low-pressure cleaning systems. Boot driers are machines which ensure that footwear of personnel is clean and always ready to wear. They are meant for storing, drying and sanitization of all kinds of footwear to prevent moisture which can cause bad odour. Boot driers work with use of heated air. Boot drier is a stainless steel structure with round pipe holders from which hot air is blowing. Boot driers can store up to 30 pairs of footwear and they have electronically adjustable drying time. We also supply storage racks for footwear which can store 10 – 80 pairs of boots. Changing room equipment are stainless steel hangers, lockers and wardrobes for storage of work and personal equipment. They are entirely made of stainless steel so they are strong, durable and easy to clean. All lockers have separate zones for clean and dirty clothes, compartments for footwear and ventilation holes. They are available in different sizes and with different numbers of doors. Our low-pressure cleaning systems are designed for quick and efficient cleaning of the work areas and can be used in different kinds of industry. They are easy to install and very simple to use. Their advantage is capability to reach every corner and thoroughly clean it. The systematic cleaning is done in four easy steps. First step is pre-rinsing which removes larger pieces of dirt with low pressure water jet. Second step is foam cleaning for removing dirt effectively. Third step is rinsing with water. And last fourth step is disinfection of clean surface.

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