Hygiene station is designed for handwashing and footwear cleaning

Food, pharmaceutical, chemical industry, hospitals, public toilets etc., are the places where perfect hygiene plays a very important role. Improper hand disinfection often leads to several serious infections, like salmonella, E. coli, norovirus and many other diseases. Statistics show that many public, food or health workers still do not use hygiene station stands and often fail the demands for proper hand hygiene. Relatively poor hygiene is also very common after using public restrooms.

Hygiene stations are designed for soaping, washing, disinfection of hands and cleaning and disinfection of feet and boots. They are suitable for many different industries, where they assure clean and safe environment for the employees and others involved. Hand hygiene statistics indicate that the their proper use significantly lowers the possibility of hand/touch transmitted diseases and microorganisms, which might be harmful to our health, so using them is often not only a good idea, but also a necessity.

Designed for both, handwashing and footwear cleaning purposes, this stations include automatic hand disinfection units, a walk-through brush cleaner or a sanitization basin with a drip-off zone, for cleaning sides and soles of the footwear, and finally, a turnstile control system. While hand disinfection units include automatic dosing system and rubber edges protecting the illuminated chamber, a turnstile-controlled passage ensures that it is only possible to enter the sensitive production areas with properly cleaned hands.

Nieros produces highly efficient, easy to maintain, quick to proceed, cost-effective and extremely high-quality stainless steel hygiene stations that represent an ideal solution for any business in pursuit of the highest hygiene standards.

The company offer several types of them. Which one you choose depends on the needs of production and properties of the production area.

  • Hygicontrol HC is a double lane hygiene station for larger production plants, which enables a controlled passage of the workers in both ways.
  • Hygicontrol Compact HC/C was designed for larger production plants, and combines the functions of hand and sole disinfection.
  • Hygicontrol HC/XL, developed for the largest production plants (up to 300 workers in 10 minutes), enables a simultaneous entry of two people, allows the hand disinfection and footwear cleaning.
  • Hygicontrol HC/XXL, a triple lane hygiene station is perfect for the largest production plants (walk-through boot cleaner + hand disinfection).
  • Hygicontrol UDK is suitable for smaller and middle-sized production plants (up to 150 workers in 10 minutes).
  • Hygicontrol URK is a device for hand disinfection and sole cleaning, perfect for smaller and middle-sized production plants.
  • Hygicontrol URK/W offers a combination of hand soaping, rinsing, disinfection and sole cleaning. It can be used for up to 50 workers in 10 minutes.

Hand washing station

Nieros hand hygiene control solutions ensure total handwashing and disinfection, effectively meeting the hygiene standards of HACCP, IFS and NSF. Their adapted cleaning process includes thorough soaping, rinsing under running water, and hand sanitization. The access to the sensitive production areas is possible only via a motorised turnstile, after proper hand disinfection. With an automatic hand soap and sanitizer dispenser, Nieros hand hygiene control solutions result in optimal and cost-effective use.

All Nieros hand cleaning stations and sanitizers enable quick and easy hand disinfection upon entering the production area. As such, they can be used as a hand sanitization or hand-washing units, but they can also combine both functions, as self-standing or in combination with other hygiene stations and tripod turnstiles. With automatic soap and sanitizer dispenser, Nieros hand hygiene guard machine or a turnstile hygiene guard, guarantees impeccable hand hygiene of the personnel and ultimate food safety.


Boot washing station

Automated boot scrubbers and walk-thru footwear sanitizing systems address the need for more effective boot washing programs in the most demanding environments. Developed for quick cleaning, they are manufactured and calibrated to maintain the optimum sanitizing chemical concentration and appropriate contact time with each use.

Nieros footwear cleaning machines guarantee fast and efficient cleaning of footwear, upon entering or leaving the production area and ensure an easy and thorough boot cleaning while keeping energy consumption at a minimum. Due to their high efficiency, easy use and cost effectiveness they can be a great asset to any business with need of impeccable hygiene standards. Available in different cleaning-line lengths and types of brushes, they can clean either the soles and the sides, or the entire footwear, depending on your needs and production specifics. While sole cleaners come in horizontal brushes, activated with the push of a button, industrial boot cleaners have height-adjustable vertical brushes that thoroughly clean both sides of each boot. Some models even have a hand brush for manual cleaning. But far most efficient are the ones that combine a footwear cleaning station with additional disinfection unit and clean and sanitize both, the soles and sides of the boots.

All our footwear cleaning devices are constructed in high-quality stainless steel.


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