Hygiene solutions for all elements of an industrial work area

Industry is facing a growing relevance of proper hygiene solutions. Maintaining a clean work environment is particularly important for all of the industries that deal with sensitive, delicate or perishable products, such as chemical or food-processing industry. Personnel must keep their equipment, instruments and devices spotless as only the slightest chance of contamination could lead to dire outcome: environment and health hazards on one side and financial loss on the other. Nieros offers high-tech hygiene solutions for all aspects of production process and guarantees quality and efficiency of cleaning machines. Our hygiene equipment programme includes personnel hygiene (hand, footwear and uniform cleaning) and work area and equipment cleaning (for industrial halls, devices and utensils). Optimizing operating costs, proper time organization and energy saving are well taken into account as well.


Hygiene technologies developed to answer industrial needs

Nieros puts a lot of effort into research and development to keep up with the latest trends in hygiene technologies and market needs in the field of industrial hygiene standards. We aim for our stainless steel products to be reliable and durable. Machines are constructed for high efficiency and sustainability and they are also designed to be easy to use and maintain. Cleaning products ensure optimal energy and water consumption and save us time and financial costs. Nieros hygiene solutions are comprehensive and meant to cover all phases of a production process to assure sanitary and uncontaminated work area.

Hygiene technologies

Innovative solutions for industrial hygiene equipment

Nieros hygiene production programme starts at the entrance to the production hall. Footwear cleaning machines with automatic sanitizer dosing are efficient in cleaning work boots. They have adjustable height and are available in different lengths to meet customers’ specific needs. Hand cleaning solutions are planned in a way that personnel never miss any step in the process of soaping, rinsing, drying and disinfecting hands. Its’ turnstile control system makes sure only staff member with carefully cleaned hands is able to get past it. Besides hand cleaning devices, hand cleaning solutions programme includes washbasins, hand dryers and different accessories, such as cleaning agent dispensers, waste bins, paper towel dispensers etc. Special hygiene stations combine handwashing and footwear cleaning both in one device. They come with automated units for hand disinfection and an area with a basin or a brush cleaner for footwear. Another important component of sterile work environment is equipment cleaning. Equipment has to be compliant with standards of HACCP, IFS and NSF. Sterilizers for various cutting devices and apron cleaning machines for uniforms all serve that purpose. Multifunctional boot dryer machines are intended to dry out and sanitize work shoes and also store them for upcoming shift. Humidity provides an ideal environment for growth of fungi and occurrence of bad odor in the footwear, so removing moisture is crucial for feet-comfort of employees. Hygiene is also taken into consideration as a part of changing room equipment, for which we provide separate sections for clean and dirty uniforms and efficient ventilation. Last but not least, low-pressure cleaning system will keep every part of work hall dirt free by pre-rinsing, foam cleaning, water rinsing and disinfecting the place. It can clean 80 square meters (approximately 861 square feet) per minute. Preventing aerosol pollution, water saving and noise reducing makes low-pressure cleaning system environmentally safe. Our hygiene technologies ensure that all of the devices of the industrial hygiene equipment programme are user friendly, efficient and cost-effective.

Hygiene equipment manufacturers


Industrial washers for optimal hygiene solutions

Nieros production programme also includes a series of industrial washers. They will come in hand to many businesses that value high performance of a washing machine. Factory baskets, bins, trays, boxes, moulds and rackets will be thoroughly washed with low energy use and operating costs. Clients can choose between multipurpose, specialized and customized (item-specific) washing machines. Industrial washers are designed to recycle water.


Hygiene equipment manufacturers and suppliers

Nieros takes special care to develop and produce class A stainless steel products that are usable in many industries. Our main guidance are the highest quality of our products and development of customized solutions for specific industries and businesses of our customers. We build products that are both environmentally friendly and economical. Our goal is to supply our clients and business partners with only the best hygiene equipment and solutions. We are hygiene equipment suppliers for a wide scope of industries, from food-processing and agricultural, chemical and pharmaceutical to automobile and transportation industry. We are proud of the fact that our clients can trust us and rely on us. We collaborate with partners from 30 countries around the world. Many years of experience in the field allow us to find solutions for complex challenges of our customers. We are happy to provide them with full customer service and support.

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