Hygiene procedures help maintaining good hygiene standards

The term hygiene covers a series of practices, performed to preserve good health. Some regular ones may be considered by the society as good habits, while the neglect of them can be seen as disgusting, disrespectful, or even threatening. Many people equate the term with cleanliness, but hygiene goes a bit wider. It includes personal habit choices as how frequently to take a shower, wash hands, trim fingernails, and wash clothes. It also includes attention of keeping surfaces at home and workplace clean and pathogen-free.

Consistent attention to hygiene procedures is important in all industries. The area with the biggest demand of great hygiene standards is surely food industry, which by itself doesn’t mean other branches like pharmaceutical, cosmetic, chemical etc., do not benefit from high-quality industrial hygiene equipment as well. Different manufacturers create solutions that help maintaining clean and sterile working environment at all stages of the production process. Nieros is one of the best hygiene equipment manufacturers worldwide, and will personalise and tailor their hygiene solutions, to cover all the needs and demands of your production

Industrial hygiene equipment

Hygiene technologies have developed special hygiene machines and sanitary stations that ensure complete decontamination and sanitization at the production entry and exit points. Hygiene machines of the sort can include automatic hand disinfection and footwear cleaning unit, combined with speed control and dosing systems for hand washing, allowing the staff enter or exit the production area, only when they wash their hand properly. On the other hand, there are also choices of separate foot and hand cleaning stations. The footwear industrial hygiene equipment allows effective footwear cleaning in the moment when workers enter or leave the production area. By administering sanitiser, t cleans the shoes from all the angles, their tops and soles, removing all bad bacteria. Hand control solutions include hand dryers, wash basins, hand sanitizers, hand stations with turnstile doors and accessories, such as wastebaskets, universal dispensers, paper towel dispen

sers, paper roll holders, waste sack holders and more. Appropriate hand hygiene procedures facilitate effective hand disinfection, which destroys germs and bacteria that could potentially enter the production area. For example, the hand hygiene machine with a turnstile gate prevents workers to enter the production area with contaminated hands.

Except for the foot and hand cleaning technology, there is also a choice of sterilizers for cleaning and disinfecting cutting tools in food processing or similar industry. Hygiene procedures usually include disinfection of knives, knife baskets, axes, and saws with hot water and special washing cycles. Apron cleaners on the other hand, provide effective disinfection and cleaning of aprons, work uniforms and also footwear.

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