Hygiene practices prevent spreading of infectious diseases

Hygiene represents series of practices performed in our everyday live, at homes or at work, to preserve health and prevent the spread of infectious diseases. In food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and other industry, it often plays a critical role for quality assurance. Our body easily collects germs and diseases, and causes them to multiply. Proper personal hygiene practices should be a part of our normal every-day routine, as they could keep us away from the many possible germs. Good personal hygiene practices play an important role in keeping us strong and healthy and consist of a proper hand and toilet hygiene, regular showers and hair washing, wearing clean clothes, nail trimming, tooth and mouth hygiene, illness hygiene etc.

In all the food processing industry there is always a high risk of contamination that gets significantly lowered with the use of suitable hygiene technologies. Good sanitation practices and exceeding guidelines are only possible with application of excellent cleaning technology. The industrial hygiene equipment, stations and hygiene systems designed by Nieros cover our sanitary needs and maintain a clean and sterile work environment, at every stage of the production process. Their cleaning machines are made of high-quality stainless steel, user-friendly, sustainable, highly efficient, cost-effective and easy to maintain, keeping our work equipment perfectly clean, while, in the same time, establishing proper hygiene practices for the personnel entering the production area.

Hygiene technologies

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