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Hygiene equipment is of a great importance due to the very important hygiene by itself. It all starts with personal hygiene. But due to the high hygiene standards, monitoring hygiene is now required in many different industries.

Leader manufacturer of industrial hygiene equipment

At Nieros we are the leader firm in producing hygiene equipment. For good hygiene practice, we offer personal and industrial hygiene equipment. Our hygiene equipment is suitable for any type of industry.

Food industry requires high hygiene standards

Hygiene equipment suppliers

Good hygiene equipment is especially important in food processing industry. We produce automated machines for cleaning working equipment and for cleaning and disinfection of employees and their protective working equipment. Good hygiene practices are easy to maintain with the best advanced cleaning technologies. Our cleaning equipment is very efficient and user-friendly. Most of hygiene equipment is made from stainless steel, which ensures long term use of hygiene equipment. Most of our equipment is digitally operated, which makes use of hygiene equipment even easier.

We can offer you specially designed hygiene equipment that will meet your requirements and most important – hygiene standard of the industry you are working in. Our hygiene equipment solutions are carefully designed and optimised especially for our client.

Find more about hygiene equipment at our web site

Take a look at our web site and chose from variety of hygiene stations, footwear cleaning, hand cleaning, equipment cleaning, boot driers, changing room equipment and low-pressure cleaning systems, but also other washroom hygiene equipment. All of our hygiene equipment ensures minimal contamination risk and will meet the standard of the industry you rare working in. The selection is wide, prices are attractive, furthermore, with hygiene equipment you will easily meet legal standards prescribed for your industry.

Industrial hygiene equipment Nieros

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