Hygiene equipment will assure high sanitary standards

Hygiene equipment is very important for good hygiene practices. Our hygiene equipment is suitable for different types of industries that has to keep their sanitation levels up to legal standards. Good hygiene practices are especially important in food processing industry. Industrial hygiene equipment is mostly made of stainless steel and as a consequence very durable.

Hygiene is of a great importance in everyday life and this importance increases when we are talking about hygiene standard in different industries. Especially in food industry, hygiene standard must be under constant control due to quite a big risk of contaminating food and as a consequence many customers.

hygiene equipment

Different types of hygiene equipment to satisfy or clients needs

We provide hygiene equipment suitable for washing working equipment and also for disinfection of employees. When buying our hygiene equipment, you can choose from different types of machines: hygiene stations, footwear cleaning machines, washroom hygiene equipment, equipment-cleaning machines, boot dryers, changing room equipment and low pressure cleaning systems. There is also a wide range of hand-cleaning machines available that will enable good hand hygiene monitoring of your emloyees.

suppliers of hygine equipment

Hygiene equipment is durable and easy to use

Working with our hygiene equipment is easier than working with hygiene equipment of other suppliers. Most systems are automated and ready to use when needed. Nieros as leading manufacturer of hygiene equipment knows, that our equipment will be used world-wide and so we made sure that our equipment is adjustable to different electric power distribution. In addition, all of our hygiene equipment products are in compliance with the highest quality requirements and standards, such as HACCP, IFS and NSF.

Take a look at our web site and choose hygiene equipment that suits your needs best. We are offering product and solutions that are especially designed for our clients and will meet our client’s needs. In addition, all of our product are easy to work with and provide minimal contamination risk. Due to the durable materials, used when building hygiene equipment, long-term use is assured.

In Nieros, we provide fully comprehensive hygiene solutions that perfectly fit the needs of your business process. In case of any further questions about hygiene equipment, please do not hesitate to contact us, we will be glad to help you.


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