Hygiene equipment in industry

Hygiene equipment as a term does not really need an introduction, since the name is self-explanatory enough and describes machinery, which guarantees and helps maintain the highest hygienic standards. The said is not only important, but also demanded in many industries, especially those, which deal with food, beverages, pharmaceuticals and cosmetic products.

industrial hygiene equipment

In this article we’ll explain more about different types of industrial hygiene equipment, which benefits they bring and which is one of the most reliable hygiene equipment suppliers in the world.

Which types of industrial hygiene equipment do we know?

Any hygiene equipment helps to keep industries sanitation levels up to legal standards, if the supplier is good, it even exceeds them. There are several types of products, some intended for cleaning equipment or clothes, some are for personnel and there is also washroom hygiene equipment. Most of them are automated and help speed up the cleaning process.

Hygiene stations are multifunctional machines, which offer a combination of hands and footwear cleaning and are usually placed at the entrance and/or exit of an industrial plant. It’s also possible to buy separate hygiene equipment for washing and disinfecting hands and shoes and the personnel can also take advantage of specially designed professional changing room equipment (specialized hangers, lockers which maximize storage space and help keep things in order and at hand etc.) and boot driers.

Other hygiene equipment relates to tools, utensils and clothes and include low-pressure cleaning systems, sterilizers, apron cleaners and industrial washers. Combined they represent a wholesome solution for maintaining high hygienic standards in all area of any industry.

These are some of the standard products, however a good hygiene equipment supplier/ manufacturer will also seek for and offer custom-made solutions, specially designed for the needs of an individual industry.

hygiene equipment

What do we gain with professional hygiene equipment

Hygiene equipment does not only help you achieve perfect cleanliness and disinfection of all areas, but improves other areas of industry too:

  • If you choose a renown and innovative hygiene equipment supplier, who can adapt to its customers, the products will help you save a lot of space,
  • A good quality hygiene equipment offers several years of warranty,
  • Hygiene equipment is not only efficient, but also very easy to use, which means everybody involved in the industry process can use it without effort,
  • It is made of stainless steel, which has at least two benefits – it is by itself easy to clean and it ensures long term use and reliability,
  • All machines are designed to offer energy-saving solutions, they also allow for a choice of a cleaning agent,
  • Lockers and hangers are versatile and can be used for quick, simple and easily accessible storage of personal objects (handbags, backpack, shoes, jackets, hats and other clothes etc.) and work equipment, such as helmets, gloves, shoes, aprons, overalls, tools, cleaning utensils etc. The dimensions are versatile and the lockers are designed to keep changing rooms well-organized.

Nieros hygiene equipment supplier

Nieros is a hygiene equipment supplier for industries all over the world. We supply our products to food and beverage industries, pharmaceutical, petrochemical and chemical industries, automotive and transportation industries as well as agricultural and other businesses in 30 different countries.

Our professional path started 240 years ago and we have been continuously in business since then. This extraordinary amount of time has given us the opportunity to not only expand our business, but also improve all our products, procedures and researches in the developmental technologies, mature our persistency and has placed us on a visible spot among other hygiene equipment suppliers and manufacturers. While we still appreciate our roots and tradition, we also understand that in order to be able to offer the products of highest quality, we need to adapt not only to the market but also in the technological sense. We invest a lot of time and money in the development, we gather our customers’ response and change/adapt our product according to the latest needs in industries.

We’re among the most successful hygiene equipment suppliers because:

  • we offer custom-made solutions for multiple challenges that our customers are faced with,
  • all our hygiene equipment enables industries to meet the necessary hygienic and quality standards,
  • as hygiene equipment manufacturers we strive for time-cost optimization,
  • we understand that any business needs mutual respect and is beneficial for both parties, therefore we acknowledge our customers, listen to their needs and adapt our products accordingly; during our many years of work we have had a privilege to get to know and understand all the industries which require our industrial hygiene equipment and have adapted our products so that they offer them exactly what they need,
  • as a professional hygiene equipment supplier/manufacturer we establish any business relationship on mutual interest, trust and respect and we always strive for quality!

For more information, feel free to search through our webpage and contact our friendly and professional staff with additional information.




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