Charcoal oven restaurant at its best

How to make charcoal oven priceCharcoal oven restaurant cannot take the glory it deserves without a high-quality charcoal oven. To attract guests, you need a good and tasty menu, professional staff and something more, which makes you stand out from the crowd, and charcoal oven restaurant definitely falls into that category. In this article, we’ll talk more about the appeal of charcoal flavor in oven, benefits of charcoal oven restaurants and how to make charcoal oven work for you. Interested? Read further.

Why are charcoal oven restaurant more popular?

The answer to why are the charcoal oven restaurants more popular is simple. True charcoal flavor in oven cannot be imitated perfectly in any other type of oven. Charcoal oven restaurants can, namely, offer food which has a subtle and tasty smoky flavour, but retains its juiciness at the same time. Charcoal oven temperature is higher, therefore the food is prepared more quickly. On the one hand this means that food will retain most of its flavour and won’t lose nutrients our bodies need, on the other hand the meal will be served much quicker, which your guests will surely appreciate. At Kopaoven, for example, we also solved the problem: how to make one charcoal oven for indoor and outdoor use. Our excellent products namely offer both options, which means you can cook inside, but also bring your charcoal oven restaurant out in the open, whenever you want to and pamper your guests with a real picnic experience.

Another thing, which makes charcoal oven restaurants way more attractive than the alternatives, is the feeling of “collaboration”. If you prepare the food outside, the charcoal oven temperature and smell will enrapture the guests and attract them from blocks away. With the cook right next to them, they will also be a part of the preparation.

For more ideas on how to make charcoal oven restaurant more attractive, contact our professionals.

Charcoal oven restaurant temperatureHow to make charcoal oven work for you?

The answer to how to make charcoal oven work for you is surprisingly simple. Working with Kopaoven appliances is easy. The construction of our charcoal oven is a result of advancements in technology and considers all the customers’ needs. It’s built to offer comfort and ease the work. By tuning it on, most of the hard work is already done. Food, prepared in this way, needs much less spices, oil or other additives, because it uses its own flavour and juices to emphasise food’s natural taste. This just might be the strongest argument, which speaks in favour of charcoal oven restaurants.

If you want to know how to make charcoal oven food even tastier, we invite you to read one of our other articles, dealing with this topic.

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