Hiking in Bohinj is great for all that like an active break

In the Bohinj area, there is a big choice of hiking tours and trails that we can consider. Some of them are guided and payable, while others we can do alone and are for free. But before we decide to try it, we must always study some hiking guides or maps, to prevent getting lost, or worse. We must not forget that for an inexperienced hiker Alps can be very unpredictable. We recommend the route descriptions including distances on I Feel Slovenia website and using Bohinj hiking map with marked hiking trails.

Some of the most popular Bohinj hiking trails are Slapovi Mostnice that follows the Mostnica river as it comes down the mountains, forming tiny, still pools in deep crevaces before racing into open, tree-lined rapids, a Walk Around the Lake as one of the easiest trails in the area that is approximately 12 km long and it circles the lake and the route from Lake Bohinj to the Savica Waterfall, one of the most iconic waterfalls in Slovenia. One of the most difficult but still popular trails is also a hiking trail to 2,864 meters high Triglav,  Slovenia’s tallest mountain and the pinnacle of all the Bohinj hikes. The hike from the Bohinj side will take us 2-4 days.

Hiking bohin

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