Hand washing station is important equipment in food processing industry

Hand washing station is a must in all industries where high hygiene standards like HACCP, NFS and IFS have to be met. This is especially important in food processing industry. All our machines and equipment is made of high-quality stainless-steel, therefore it can be completely cleaned and sanitized. Machines are designed in a way, which prevents water stagnation and thus bacteria growth. Our equipment guarantees best results which is the reason that our products are sold in over 30 countries all around the world. Because all products are made in the house, they can be fully customized to meet all client needs. They are in compliance with CE requirements and other standards. They are very easy to use because they work on plug-and-play principle. Benefits of our products are: low energy, water and cleaning agent consumption and low maintenance costs. We offer support from planning, designing, engineering to after-sale support. We are present on the market for over 245 years, our beginnings were in 1773. Since then we became a global supplier of industrial products for various industries such as pharmaceutical, food processing, cosmetic, automotive, transportation, chemical and many more. Beside sanitation equipment, we also produce industrial washers, essential equipment and offer logistic solutions.

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Hand washing station or hygiene station stand offer sanitation of highest level

For fast, thorough and easy cleaning of hands, we offer hand sanitizer station which can be placed on entry or exit point of production facilities. They are very easy to use and come in many different sizes for big and small companies. They can have only sanitation function, only washing function or both combined. Our clients choose suitable units regarding sanitation standards that are required in their industry. Highest standards like HACCP, IFS and NSF have to be met in food and beverage processing industry. We recommend choosing hand sanitizer station with washing and sanitizing function. Our three basic models of hand sanitizer units have sanitization chamber which is illuminated, higher comfort is achieved with rubber edge protectors, computerized dosage of soap and sanitizer through stainless-steel nozzles and smooth surface for easy and thorough cleaning. There is also available wastepaper basket which is an add-on. Hand washing station can be combined with footwear cleaning unit. That way, even higher sanitation standards can be achieved. Hygiene station stand has to be positioned on entry or exit point of production area to ensure effective results. For additional control of all employees and personnel, turnstile tripods are the best solution. Turnstiles can be floor or wall mounted with add-ons like personal card reader connection, anti-panic function.

Automatic hand washing station can also have boot cleaning function

Automatic hand cleaning stationleads user through whole process which ensures highest sanitation levels. Process starts with soaping, which is followed by a rinse under a running water. When hands are dry, disinfection follows which destroys all hand germs and bacteria. Our sanitizer stations are designed in a way that direct personnel to correctly use the station and not skip any of necessary steps. Additional control is provided by turnstile which does not open until hands are sufficiently cleaned. Beside clean hands, personnel need to have clean footwear too for safe entry or exit of production area. Clean footwear is especially important in food processing industry. Boot washing station is one of our products which are easy and quick to use, highly efficient and cost-effective. We offer six models of footwear cleaning stations. Sole cleaning machine DR is a walk-through footwear brush cleaner and is the best solution where considerable number of personnel enter and exists production area on continual basis. It provides quick and efficient disinfection of footwear. It is available in two different cleaning-line lengths and two versions of vertical brushes for cleaning sides of footwear which differ in height. Footwear cleaner DR 400 V has robust and functional construction made for quick and through cleaning with minimal energy consumption. It enables adjusting the cleaning process depending on the level of dirt. With two horizontal and three vertical rotating brushes which are sprayed with sanitizer, it provides cleaning of soles and sides of footwear.

Hand washing station is a great sanitation solution for small and big companies

Hand washing stations are a part of our hand cleaning solutions which include: hand sanitation control, washbasins, hand washing accessories and Dyson Airblades. Washbasins are made of stainless steel and have integrated water tap and stable splashback. They have many functions and accessories such as paper towel holder, waste paper basket, universal agent dispenser. There are many options to choose from: floor or wall mounted, knee or sensor operated, single or multi washing place basins. Add-on options include no touch soap dispenser, sensor tap, Dyson Airblade, sink reinforcement plate. Dyson Airblades are hand drying solutions which are highly hygienic. They have HEPA filter which eliminates from air 99,9% of bacteria. This kind of hand drying lowers the operating costs because there is no paper waste, it also enhances hygiene level.


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