Hand washing station for the best hygiene possible

Proper hand cleaning is essential in all industries, especially in a period when concerns over infectious diseases are high. Our hand washing stations are the perfect solution for achieving the best personal hygiene possible among employees, chiefly in the food processing industry, where food safety is of extreme importance. We are a global company which designs and manufactures products made from stainless steel, that are being used in industrial facilities all over the world. An important part of our production program are our hand cleaning solutions. When the personnel enter the production area, high hand hygiene is essential to avoid contamination. Therefore, an excellent hygiene machine that ensures proper washing and disinfection of hands, is a must for every industry. Our hand sanitizer station is designed to prevent insufficient hand washing, which can result in contagion of food, products or employees. Insufficient personal hygiene can lead to customer health risks and reputation-ruining product recalls, therefore must be avoided at all costs.

hygiene technologies

Comprehensive hygiene solutions for all industries

When the employees enter the production area, their hands must be thoroughly washed and disinfected, so all required hygiene standards are met. With the Nieros hand washing stations, you will make sure the hand washing is proper yet economical. The first part of the cleansing process includes soaping of the hands (the dosing dispenser runs automatically), which is followed by accurate rinsing under a jet of water and drying. The last step of the process is hand disinfection where bacteria, viruses and germs are killed. Our hygiene machine automatically guides the personnel through these steps and makes sure they don’t skip any of them. After the accurate cleaning is completed, the employees go through a turnstile, which allows crossing to the production area only if their hands are properly cleaned.

Hygiene machines and other accessories – a total solution

Besides our hygiene machines which are available in numerous models, we also offer other products – altogether, they present a comprehensive solution for every industry. You can choose among a variety of washbasins, hand-washing accessories and hand dryers. Our products are cost-effective, intelligently designed and made to last. They can be self-standing or mounted – on the floor or on the wall. You can choose between knee- or sensor-operated solutions. The design of all the Nieros solutions is ergonomic. Every unit can work by itself or combined into one greater unit.

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