Hand washing station and industrial boot wash station

The hand washing station enables optimal personnel hygiene at entry and exit points in the production area. It also enables high hygienic standards HACCP, IFS, and NSF. On the other hand, it reduces the potential for contamination in the production plant, which is particularly important in the food processing industry, where workers are in constant contact with food products and raw materials. An automatic hand washing station includes an automated dosing system, automated disinfection units and rubber edges that protect the illuminated chamber. The hand washing station provides thorough cleaning when covering processes such as disinfection, soaping, scrubbing and rinsing under running water. The hand washing station also has a turnstile-controlled passage that is made of stainless steel. Only when the cleaning and disinfection process finishes, the turnstile passage rotate and the worker is allowed to enter the production plant. The hand washing station, thus, creates extra control over hygiene in the production area. The industrial boot wash station also provides optimal staff hygiene when entering and leaving the production area. The boot wash station has side brushes for cleaning both sides of the work shoes and horizontal brushes for cleaning the soles. The boot wash station for sale can adapt to its heights when cleaning high or low work shoes. The boot wash station also has a dosage of sanitizer that provides the disinfection of work shoes.

industrial hygiene station

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