Hand wash station

Hand wash station is essential product in various industries where risk of contamination is present. Sanitation is especially important in food processing industry where highest standards such as HACCP, NSF and IFS have to be met. Hand wash station offers fast, easy and thorough cleaning, which is usually positioned of entry point of production area. They are produced in different sizes which are suitable for companies with small or large number of personnel. Some models only have sanitation function, same have only washing function and some have both functions combined. All three basic models have illuminated sanitation chamber with rubber edge protection edges, smooth surface for easy and fast cleaning, automatic dosage of soap and disinfection agent, stainless steel nozzles for application of both cleaning agents. Some models of hand wash station can be mounted on floor or on the wall, they can also have add-on features such as turnstile, built-in locker for cleaning agent, wastepaper basket, personal card reader connection. Hand wash station is designed to lead the user through cleaning process which provides highest level of sanitation. Whole sanitation process begins with thorough soaping and continues with rinsing under running water. After drying, hands are disinfected to destroy all hand germs and bacteria. Innovative design of hand wash station directs users to correct use of station, so they don’t skip any steps. Stainless steel turnstile prevents passage until users’ hands are properly cleaned. Hand cleaning solutions include hand sanitation control, hand washing accessories, washbasins and Dyson Airblades. Stainless steel washbasins have stable splashback and integrated water tap. Clients can choose among different models of single or multi place washbasins which can be wall or floor mounted, sensor or knee operated with multiple accessories.

Boot wash station is available in many models which are highly efficient and easy to use

hand washing sanitizer stationPersonnel need to have clean hands and footwear to prevent any kind of contamination. Boot wash station is product from Nieros, which is highly efficient, quick and easy to use and is cost effective. Clients can choose among six different models of boot wash station. Model DR is footwear brush cleaner for sole cleaning which provides qiuck and efficient disinfection. It is the best choice for companies with large number of personnel entering and exiting of production areas on regular basis. Model DR is available in two sizes and with two versions of vertical brushes which differ in height. Vertical brushes are used for cleaning sides of boots. Second model is DR 400 which ensures thorough wash with minimal consumption of energy. Cleaning process can be adjusted according to level of dirt. It’s robust and functional construction ensures long life span of machine. Cleaning of soles and sides of boots is done with three vertical and two horizontal rotating brushes, sprayed with sanitizer.

Boot and hand hygiene station stand guarantees optimal sanitation results

Hygiene station stand combines hand and footwear cleaning. They are produced in many models which have different characteristics. Model URK is the best solution for production lines which have limited space. It allows passage of 10 – 15 persons to go thru entry point per minute. Boot and hand sanitizer station is assembled of automatic hand disinfection unit, walk through footwear brush cleaner and turnstile control. Second model URK W which is fully digitally operated unit that guarantees optimal sanitation level of the personnel. 3 – 4 persons can go thru the entry point in one minute which means cleaning process takes approximately 15 seconds. It includes hand washing and disinfection unit, footwear brush cleaner and turnstile for additional control. As an add on, station can have Dyson Airblade dryer. Single lane boot and hand wash station model UDK has automatic disinfection unit for hands, footwear sanitization basin with a drip-off zone and a turnstile. Its operating capacity allows 10 – 15 persons to go thru entry point per minute. Model HC has a dual lane: one lane on the entry point with hand disinfection unit and footwear sanitization basin with a drip-off zone, second lane on exiting point with footwear cleaning brushes. Model HC XL is the best boot and hand wash station for large production areas. Two lanes allow faster passage of larger number of personnel. With two disinfection units for hands, two walk through brush cleaners for footwear and two turnstiles, it guarantees optimal personnel sanitation.

Boot washing station

Nieros is manufacturer of sanitation stations which are made of best materials

Nieros is a company which was established in 1773 and since then it has become a global supplier of effective solutions for optimizing working process and costs. All Nieros cleaning machines are made from high quality stainless steel which can be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected. Their design prevents water stagnation that can lead to legionella growth. Nieros hygiene equipment ensures optimal results and that is the reason, products are sold all around the world. They are completely made in the house and can be fully customized according to client requirements. Benefits of Nieros sanitation products are: low maintenance costs, low energy water and cleaning agent consumption.

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