Hand sanitizer station can have washing and disinfecting functions

Automatic hand sanitizer stationHand sanitizer station enables fast, easy and thorough cleaning on entry or exit point of production area. Some models offer only sanitation, other models offer additional washing function. Different industries require different hygiene standards based on which, suitable hand sanitizer station have to be chosen. In food processing industry highest sanitation standards have to be accomplished which is the reason for using hand sanitizer stations with wash and disinfection function.  We offer three basic models which have illuminated sanitization chamber with rubber edge protectors for higher comfort, stainless steel nozzles for application of sanitizing agent, computerized dosage of sanitizer and soap, design with easy to clean surface finish. Hand wash stations can also be combined with footwear cleaning unit. Together they form an efficient cleaning unit, which ensures highest sanitation levels. There are many types of units suitable for small and big companies which are very easy to use. For effective results, sanitizer stations have to be positioned on entry point of production area. Turnstile control ensures all personnel goes through sanitation process before entering production area.

Free standing hand sanitizer stations are suitable for use in various industries

Automatic hand washing station URK is suitable for production lines with limited space. It has disinfection unit and walk through footwear sanitizer with turnstile control. It is available in two options of vertical brushes for footwear which differ in height. Its single lane, allows passage of 10-15 persons per minute. It is very cost and time effective, easy to use. Another type of hand wash station is model URK W with single lane which includes hand wash and disinfection unit. It is height adjustable, fully digitally operated unit. Whole cleaning process has duration of 15 seconds. It is suitable for 3-4 people to pass the entry point per minute. Hand hygiene station UDK with a single lane has high operating capacity which allows passage of 10-15 people in one minute. It has a disinfection unit, footwear sanitation basin, a drip-off zone along with turnstile control. Footwear and hand wash station HC consists of dual lane with turnstile: one lane has footwear sanitation basin, a drip-off zone on entering point and second lane has footwear cleaning brushes on exiting point. Bigger model of hand wash station HC XL has dual lane walk through, it is designed for large production areas. It has two disinfection units and two footwear brush sanitizers. Double entrance allows two persons to use the unit simultaneously. Free standing hand sanitizer station HC XXL has three lanes: two on entering point which enable two persons to enter at the same time, other lane on exiting point. Two disinfection units and three footwear brush cleaners guarantee optimal sanitation. The last model of hand sanitizer station is Compact HC C allows 10-15 persons to walk through in one minute. On entering point are two hand disinfection units, footwear sanitization basin with a drip-off zone, on exiting point is a lane with footwear brush cleaner.

Freestanding hand wash stationWe design and constantly improve our hand sanitizer stations

We are a global manufacturer of high quality stainless steel industrial sanitation equipment, industrial washers, essential equipment, logistic solutions. Our beginnings are in 1773 when we were a small local plant. Through the years we have grown into a global company which is always in line with industry trends. We don’t only design and manufacture high-tech products like hand sanitizer station, sole or boot sanitizer, but we also provide total customer service along with support. Our company constantly invests in professional development of our personnel, in technology we use and that is why we are able to deliver optimal solutions to meet diverse needs of clients from different industries. Because we manufacture our products in the house, we can fully customize them so they are time, cost effective. We try our best to understand specific needs our customers have, so we can stay focused on delivering high quality products like hand sanitizer stations, sterilizers, footwear sanitizer, with added value.

Hand sanitizer stations and other equipment for washing and disinfecting is customized

Our hygiene equipment is made for various industries, especially for food processing industry where contamination risk presents greatest danger for the business. We minimize food contamination risk by providing customized sanitation solutions like hand sanitizer station, footwear cleaner which are used in different stages of production process. All sanitizers we produce can be fully customized to suit all clients need. Our sanitation solutions are time and cost effective with optimal water, cleaning agent consumption. They are energy efficient as well. Our products are manufactured in house, they comply with strict sanitation standards IFS, NSF, HACCP. Made from stainless steel our equipment is in compliance with CE requirements and other high-quality standards. It works on plug-and-play principle, it is high functioning, easy to use. Sanitation equipment has low operating and maintenance costs, it is simple to clean. Its design prevents any water stagnation which causes bacteria growth.

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