Grey laminate flooring – not just the current trend

Grey laminate flooring has been in the spotlight for years and it seems that it’s here to stay. People probably took to it because of its versatility – namely, grey laminate flooring (just like dark brown laminate flooring) can be easily incorporated in almost any style and with some imagination it can be successfully combine even with the existing décor.

Grey laminate flooring

How to style grey laminate flooring

Grey laminate flooring represents a perfect foundation for styling. Grey is a neutral color which goes with everything. There are, however, a number of different shades and patterns of grey colored laminate flooring at Floor Experts from best laminate flooring brands, therefore you can easily create your unique space and add personal touch. Grey laminate flooring can be incorporated in the popular industrial design, as well as in the warm and comfortable style. If you’re opting for Scandinavian elegance, we recommend styling grey laminate flooring (you can also choose dark brown laminate flooring) with white walls, if you’re looking for something different, add some bright colors to your grey laminate flooring (blue, teal, green, yellow and purple function especially well).

Dark brown laminate flooring and other colors

Not one thing is good for everybody, so if grey laminate flooring is not your preferred choice, there are other colorful laminate floorings to choose from. At Floor Experts the shades and patterns of colored laminate flooring are in abundance. Besides a wide collection of grey laminate flooring, we also offer dark brown laminate flooring, white laminate flooring, black and several beautiful golden, light brown and other colorful laminate floorings. If you’re looking for something dramatic, we recommend pairing dark brown laminate flooring with white walls and dark brown furniture, to achieve warm feeling, you can try styling dark brown laminate flooring with yellow or beige walls. White laminate flooring with white or grey walls and white or black furniture brings out the Scandinavian feel and for more choices you can contact Floor Experts for help.

install laminate flooring

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