Funding Phases for Early Stage Startups London

Valuing Startup Ventures – The Five Startup Funding Stages

Regardless of whatever stage the startup stands at, money is a very crucial element for its growth. To run successful early stage startups London, a hypothetical funding plan makes it very convenient for the startup holders to raise funds for the startup from internal and external sources. This is where early stage startup companies can help.

In some cases, early stage startups London do not really follow up any business funding plans and rather look forward to growing the business all on personal funding and without any help from outside investors. There is no doubt that early stage startups London still take almost no time to grow and flourish as successful businesses.

Funding phases offer opportunities to outside investors to invest in early stage startups London to gain a share in the company. Are you planning on a startup? Here are the funding stages that will help you to raise funds for the growth of your startup.

Pre-Seed Funding

Pre-seed funding is the earliest phase of funding for early stage startups London. It comes way before other stages, which is why it usually does not get considered a part of the funding phases, and that is pretty much why it is referred to as ‘pre-seed funding. At this stage of the funding plan, the fairly-stage early stage startups London are getting them up and running.

Usually, at this stage the funds come in from the founders, and their friends and family members, who can also be referred to as “pre-seed investors. For some early stage startups London, it is probable that the investors are investing without demanding a share in the company at this phase. The funds can be collected either in a short time or may even take a long time, totally depending upon the company’s nature.

Seed Funding

For early stage startups Berlin, seed funding is officially the first stage of the funding plan. This phase of the funding plan indicates the first sum of money yielded by a startup company. In the case of some early stage startups London, they do not carry on the funding procedure ahead of this very phase. The funds collected in this phase works just like the financial base over which the business will grow.

Moreover, the seed funding stage facilitates the early stage startups London in funding their very initial aspects that include the marketing groundwork and product development. For figuring out the final product and its demographics, seed funding is a great help.

For some early stage startups London is risky and does not have any clear chances of growing; some investors invest during this funding phase in exchange for a share, knowing it’s a risky venture. These investors are also called angel investors.

Series A Funding

At this stage, a startup has already formulated its base, including a clientele and a group of persistent investors. The Series A funding stage offers the early stage startups London to expand their business by offering new products and attracting more audience, which eventually leads to an increase in clientele.

In addition to that, it is important for early stage startups London develop a business plan that will open the doors to interminable profits. It is crucial to consider opportunities that may assist in scaling the product across various markets. It is equally as important for both; early stage startups berlin and early stage startups London to pitch in for equity exchange funding to raise good enough funds at this phase.

Series B Funding

Once early stage startups London have developed enough, they are ready to enter the Series B funding stage. This stage is beyond the development phase and is all about carrying forward early stage startups London to new heights.

At the series B funding phase, the funds are put into use to fulfill the demand of the clients to grow the company. Early stage startups London and early stage startups Berlin tend to raise about $30 million in this funding stage as they are well developed. The Series A and B of the funding plan are almost similar, with a minor difference.

Series C Funding

Early stage startups London that can reach this phase of funding are already pretty successful. After already reaching here, these early stage startups London look forward to supplementary funds to further grow the business by introducing new products for more market reach or even coming in sight of other companies that will further lead to combined projects.


For all early stage startups London, an adequately designed funding plan could be the doorway to rapid and long-term success. The more detailed the funding plan is, the more funds will be raised, and it will impact the venture growth just accordingly.

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