Food processing equipment is used in food industries

Food processing equipment is a term that refers to the components, processing machines and systems, used to handle, prepare, cook, store, and package food and food products. Although this equipment is primarily aimed toward the transformation (increasing the palatability, consumability, and digestibility) or preservation (extending the shelf life) of food, some pieces of it are also employed to perform handling, preparation, and packaging.

Food processing equipment

Used for food and food product applications, food processing equipment is meant to perform the different necessary unit operations happening in a production cycle, such as washing, separating, mixing, baking, freezing, sealing etc. Different requirements determine its design and construction from handle solid, semi-solid, all the way to liquid food products, processed as an individual batch or continuously. Some design considerations also include the food grade material used for construction, hygienic and governmental standards, sizing, cost, and integration of automation or analytical components. A choice is also often dependant on specifications and requirements of the singular food processing application.

The food processing production cycle can be broken into several single stages during which individual unit operations are performed, characterized by a specific function. For instance, the primary function of the preparation stage is to prepare the food material for further processing, so, as we may figure, some of the performed unit operations include washing and separating. The following functions such as material handling and system control operations, conveying food materials between process stations or respectively maintaining the required processing conditions and standards, provide support to the primary ones. The food processing equipment is grouped following some of the most common functions as for example preparation, mechanical, heat processing, preservation, packaging, preparation equipment, mechanical sorting etc.

For satisfying the various functions, specific for the food and food processing industries, there is a big choice of food processing equipment. When designing and selecting equipment for a particular food processing application, we should keep in mind that individual pieces may have some distinctive considerations (usually based on the functions and unit operations which they perform). This way we can make sure our food processing equipment fulfils all our needs.

Food processing technology

Nieros is highly valued global designer and food processing technology manufacturer that placed itself among the world’s best, delivering optimal and cost-effective solutions for diverse needs of food and beverage, pharmaceutical, chemical, petrochemical, automotive, transportation, agricultural industry and many more. The company produces only high-tech products made of the finest stainless steel, providing complete customer service and support.

Their food processing technology substantially reduces food contamination risks and rigorously complies with the HACCP, IFS, NSF and other demanded standards. Their devices are famous by their in-house production, and the best construction materials that meet the highest quality requirements. All their food processing lines have options of full customisation and are specifically designed for meat, poultry, fish, seafood, bakery, fruit and vegetable processing industries etc. They can be used in both, small-scale or complex production plants.

Meat processing equipment

As the term tells us, the “meat processing industry” handles raw meat, a highly perishable and sensitive good, which needs to be handled with great caution.Meat processing equipment

Work area is a central part of processing production, a place where meat, poultry, fish and other edible materials are handled manually. In a work area, consisting single or multiple workstations, the meat is sorted, cut, sliced, portioned and packaged systematically. Worktables can have many functions and can be fitted with different tools, which enable safe and effective processing. If the worktables are needed for sorting of edible materials, they can be produced with desirable number of table holes in different sizes. If for example the customer needs knife holders on worktables, the manufacturer can customize their position and desired height. Work areas also need transport conveyors and crates, which can be arranged into multiple levels and placed at suitable height. To achieve the desired workflow, product quality and productivity, the system needs to have possibility of speed selection and possibility of determining the quantity of crates. For complying with standards such as HACCP, IFS and NSF, all the production technological processes have to be time and cost-efficient (for preventing the meat go to waste).

Nieros produces systems for providing smooth flow of material, passing minimal number of phases as possible. Their industrial meat processing equipment for sale is manufactured from stainless steel, which makes it very long-lasting and durable. It offers fast and effective service, ergonomic design, work simplification for employees at industrial work stations, who are forced to practice endless repetitive movements, easy cleaning and maintenance, an option of full customization and system development in cooperation between clients and their experts. All of their specialised products also minimize the food contamination risks.

All of their meat processing equipment solutions are also available online. In case of any further questions, Nieros experts will be happy to provide more detailed information.

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