Finding the ultimate solution

‘Highly customized’ is one of the strongest key words we were able to find, when thinking of how to profile this exact line of work. Others might think first of ‘extremely efficient’, or ‘a total life saver’ as some refer to it. Especially those that have had the pleasure to work with such a system cannot come up with anything much worse than ‘quite amazing’

Logistics management system

From most people point of view, it would be nearly impossible to design a feature packed system with such efficiency. In order to increase it even further, we have designed special pathways to optimum success. For automated industrial logistics systems there are a few essential phases during implementation of the project. The steps are fairly common to anyone who has ever built a facility, or designed another machine or building, in the way of methodology. When the process is followed and managed accurately, there’s no room for error and maximum effectiveness will be achieved each time. Here’s a more elaborate explanations on the phases that we like to stick to, and have developed over decades.

Our steps to maximum success

First is the design phase in which all functional and physical requirements are determined. The whole machine will be completely simulated within a simulation of the client’s facility and premises to ensure maximum efficiency during the next phases. Taking all of the client’s wishes into account, we see what is possible for the specific situation, taking all variables into account with the calculations. This planning phase is often regarded as key to the success in term of project cost efficiency and increasing the overall success of the smooth implementation.

Next up is the legalization process to obtain permits and approvals by the institutions that require the project to walk through. This phase includes the approval by government, and permits of the local authorities. It is often possible to apply for governmental subsidies, as our systems are highly efficient and contribute to a higher overall score for green and clean industry with regards to environmental friendliness.

After a final check by the contractor of all the paper work, and all lights are on green, the implementation phase can start. With all the components readily manufactured to custom requirements, it is just a matter of custom fitting it on site. With a highly specialized team, the whole thing will be up and running in no time. Overnight we can have a system ready to go if needed, to ensure the client’s continuous work flow with maximum efficiency. We understand warehouse processes like no other, and believe in our capacities to satisfy any customer.

When the system is ready, testing is thoroughly executed and here it is made sure that previous steps were executed flawlessly. By designing and simulating every step of the warehouse management solutions that we create, testing usually only confirms the predicted tweaks and tunings to optimize the complete system. Warehouse processes are in check, and are repeated multiple times, just to back the reliability up with quantified data. Usually no mistakes occur here, as if everything is already perfectly in order. This is often regarded as some kind of magic, but we call it science.

With smooth operations during the testing, and some minor adjustments during the first test, we can smoothly shift to the first production batches according to plan. Gaining speed, eliminating any potential flaws and small details that need optimization, the system is up to normal capacity by the time that this phase is closed. At this point, the normal work can continue and the logistics management system can now start to take over more and more tasks and execute them precisely as commanded.

Logistics and warehousing

A full maximum load capacity test is then executed after which all data is carefully analysed, in parallel the system is functioning normally, and where needed tuned for optimum operation standards. For logistics and warehousing this is crucial, as it might always occur unexpectedly that the maximum capacity of the system needs to be addressed for whatever reason. It just feel good to be so well prepared, and to have a super reliable system that is always capable of a little more than needed. Providing extremely reliable performance, our systems take care of business and make the operator’s sleep well at night.

Increase efficiency with a proper logistics management system

Finding solutions might be challenging these days, as there’s a great deal on offer and one might not be able to distinct directly the good from the best offers. We believe that most situations if not all call for serious and customized approaches in order to optimize the form and functionality of the system. With a long list of credentials and many decades of experience, we can assure all clients of the best treatment possible. With in-house developed methods, we can truly maximize cost efficiency and make amazing offers.

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