What to consider when you want to expand your office space

If you own a successful business you will eventually face a demand for a bigger office space. Because the growth of a company usually occurs gradually, it is sometimes hard to determine when rearranging old office space will adequately solve the need for a bigger space, or when it is more sensible to relocate. However, if your conference room already became s semi-permanent office for people who have nowhere else to work, or if your break room resembles an overflowing storage space, there is a good chance you need more office space. Before making any rash decisions, consider different options you have.

Co-hire an additional office space

The most obvious solution to your office problem is the addition of new offices. However, the present location of your offices might not allow for that or such expansion might represent a financial burden which is too great for your present state. In this case consider co-hiring an additional working space with a company which is facing similar issues. This solution can be temporary before a better and more permanent resolution is achieved; however, it is also a good test of how a particular department of the company functions as a unit and if it, alone, can be relocated and free up the needed office space.

Remodel the existing space

Sometimes it is quite adequate to carefully consider how different spaces in your existing offices are used and then make adjustments accordingly. For example, if particular work spaces are used only sporadically due to employees who conduct a lot of their work with customers outside offices, then a shared work space might be a solution. However, it is advisable to consult the employees before making such a big change since it might be misunderstood and lead to unnecessary problems with them.

Take advantage of alternatives: modular office units

If you have access to unused space, for example a big parking lot that is mainly unused or an old factory space, you might consider installing modular office units, which can be a temporary or permanent solution to your office problem. Modular office accommodation provide all the requirements of a high quality office space: they are constructed out of modern materials which provide good working conditions, and because of their modular structure, floor plans can be easily modified to fulfill every particular requirement about the work space. Taking into consideration all the possibilities that modular office units offer, you might find an affordable place that can easily be converted into modern offices.

Modular office units

Rethink your work flow

There is also a possibility of redefining the workflow in the office to accommodate remote working. In every business a lot of work can be done from home, providing there is good communication between different members of the work team and well established trust among them. Remote working can help eleviate stress due to commuting and might prove to have other benefits which make workers more satisfied with their work. However, it is important to determine all the expectations and requirements of the employer before such changes are introduced.

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