Industrial washing equipment is a part of every industry

While at home we wash our laundry with easy to choose commercial washing machines, there is quite a few things to consider when choosing the optimal industrial washer.

Industrial washing equipment

Industrial washing equipment and washing solutions by Neiros consist of fully comprehensive industrial washing machines, which fit the demands of many businesses where ultimate hygiene is expected. With their industrial washers we can thoroughly clean and sanitize any dirty item. Its multipurpose or/and specialized machines are perfect for washing standardized items.

Nieros industrial washing systems can contain load carrier, crate, pallet, tray or box washers. Their systems can be automated and they save water, energy and cleaning agents, without making concessions to the cleaning itself.

Industrial bin washer is suitable for cleaning a wide variety of bins, largely used in the food manufacturing industries. The settings of its washing and rinsing cycle are adjustable and it can clean up to 40 bins per hour.

Nieros offers ideal solutions for washing crates. We can choose between manually controlled or fully automatic crate washers, suitable for one or different types, small, large, lightly or heavily contaminated crates.

They can also custom make our container washers, based on the type and the quantity of containers we use, no matter if we only need to wash a few of them a day in a manually controlled washer, or we need fully automated machines that are capable of washing higher volumes of containers per hour.

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