Industrial equipment – optimal solutions for any kind of industry

Smartly designed industrial equipment is an essential part of every successful industry. We specialise in creating optimal, cost-effective solutions, for many different types of productions like food and beverage processing, pharmaceutical, chemical, petrochemical and automotive industry.

Industrial hygiene equipment

Industrial lifting systems are designed for lifting objects in different working environments up to 6 m high, with possible options of lifting various different objects like boxes, barrels, or other.

Multipurpose, high efficient, industrial washing equipment, suitable for washing different items such as Euro pallets, Euro stacking containers and plastic crates, Eurobins, etc., is a necessary equipment for any industry, in particular one that needs to meet high hygiene standards.

Industrial hygiene equipment helps with optimal hygiene practice and sanitation, in particular in production areas where contamination could represent a great risk for the business. Hygiene stations and systems keep your work environment, equipment and personnel clean and sterile at every step of the process.

Industrial handling material solutions make the work process simpler. They cover handling processes, such as transport, sorting, picking, cutting, labelling, loading and storage and is also used for controlling, protecting, moving or storing materials or products.

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