Dimmer a trendy addition to a smart home

With smart homes being trendier and more beloved than ever, there is a lot of talk about the technology that makes them smart – especially wireless dimmer switch. As individuals, we take light switches for granted. However, the right lighting in our home is more important than we know. A proper dimmer creates a lovely cozy ambient and emphasizes interior decor. How to choose the right one? What is the difference between dimmer LED 12V and dimmer 24V? Or dimmer LED 220V and dimmer 230V? The difference is the power supply. The wireless dimmer switch that supports up to 156W loads on 12V and up to 312W on 24V. Once we choose the right one based on our power supply we can search for other features. If our preference is color Qubino Flush RGBW lets us choose from 16 million different colors and five special scene effects. The Qubino Flush dimmer uses a MOSFET ‘trailing edge’ dimmer which works with a wide range of light bulbs. One of the advantages of using a dimmer LED 12V is saving the money. We all left the house in a rush before only to wonder for the rest of the day if we left the light in the kitchen. A wireless dimmer switch isn’t only useful when we need to dim the lights, but also in situations like this. With using an app on our smartphone we can control the lights in our home from anywhere in the world.

Smart Dimmer

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