Custom food processing solutions and best food processing technology

The food processing industry is probably one of the few industries in the world, that needs to obtain the highest hygiene and quality standards. Raw materials need to be handled with caution and care because the smallest mistake or contamination can affect the production process and compromises the hygiene standard of the production area. The food processing industry is very complicated due to rigorous hygiene standards they need to maintain and industries quick and agile approach to the work process. The food processing had to be cost- and time-efficient. Because of handling raw materials, the work has to flow smoothly through the shortest number of stages while minimizing food wastage.

NIEROS® – Leading food processing equipment manufacturers 

Here is where we at NIEROS® can help. We are leading food processing equipment manufacturers. Our company goal is to provide a wide range of custom food processing solutions for meat, fish and seafood, poultry, dairy, fruit, vegetable and the bakery industry.  NIEROS® food processing technology is developed to simplify and accelerate production, minimize the food contamination risk and reduces labor costs. All of our food processing solutions are conforming to the requirements of HACCP, IFS and NSF standards. We offer food processing solutions that are fully customizable to the production area. With food processing technology we developed, we will rationalize your production lines and optimize performance. With effective digital monitoring for time-cost optimization, you will not only save time and money, but you will also simplify work, maintenance, cleaning and management. Our food processing technology products are made from stainless steel in-house and are meeting the highest quality requirements.

Food processing

Food processing conveyor leads towards higher productivity

The work area of every food processing production is made of single or multiple workstations. Workstations are where food is manually handled and products accumulated. Cutting, slicing, sorting, portioning and packaging must be done, following the rigorous hygiene standards and the safety and ergonomic principles. NIEROS® food processing conveyors are a stainless steel hygienic solution that leads towards higher productivity and work simplification. NIEROS® food processing conveyor systems allow for fast and easy maneuvering. The height and the length are controlled centrally via an easy-to-use control panel. That allows for fast, simple loading and unloading. Covering the entire loading area minimizes unnecessary handling and manual lifting of the products.

Food processing solutions include industrial hygiene solutions

As food processing equipment manufacturers, we must design customizable food processing solutions, which will overcome the biggest production challenges such as production capacity, productivity, time, or cost. NIEROS® food processing technology is adaptable to any production area, big or small. Our NIEROS® food processing line solutions don’t include just NIEROS® food processing equipment, but NIEROS® fully comprehensive industrial hygiene solutions as well. Hygiene machine is a vital point of every entry, and exit into the production. A hygiene machine such as a hygiene station is keeping the production area sterile and minimizes contamination. The food processing technology we developed is providing solutions in a wide array of food industries. These industries include poultry processing lines, red meat processing lines, marination processing lines, fish processing lines, fruit and vegetable processing lines, food-mixture weighing lines, and bakery processing lines. With customers in mind, our food processing solutions are ensuring a significantly reduced food waste and smooth material flow while complying with all the requirements for ultimate food safety.

food processing

Customizable food processing solutions for different industries

NIEROS® red meat processing lines cover all the stages of red meat processing. Depending on your production area and available space, each unit is custom-built to match your necessities. Processing lines will grant you a fully automated, economical, and fast production that can be optimized with additional options and customized features. Because of the stainless steel construction, the NIEROS® red meat processing lines are easy to maintain and clean. NIEROS® poultry processing lines cover deboning, cutting, slicing, portioning and packaging phases in poultry processing. With additional options and custom features, we can tailor them to any production capacity to provide cost-efficiency and add outstanding performance. NIEROS® marination processing lines provide solutions for easy, fast, and effective poultry, fish and red meat marination. Each unit is custom-built to meet the production standards and needs. Complying with all the food safety standards NIEROS® marination processing lines were designed for large-scale production plants.  NIEROS® fish processing lines cover all the stages of the fish processing industry. They were designed to prevent fish meat contamination and deformation in smaller production areas. While NIEROS® bakery processing lines are used for in-line transport of frozen, raw, or baked products, NIEROS® fruit and vegetable processing lines represent a perfect solution for washing, cutting, transporting and packaging processes, of vegetables and fruits. NIEROS® food-mixture weighing lines were designed for the preparation of vegetable and meat products such as meat mixtures, salad mixtures, sausages, etc. They represent a convenient solution for small productions with a display terminal with recipe specifications, ingredient container and easy-to-use electro-hydraulic tilting device to add the correct amount of each ingredient to the mixture.

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