A crate washer machine with an exceptional performance

At Nieros we are completely aware of the need for the highest level of hygiene in any type of industry. Therefore, we have developed advanced crate washer machines and other industrial washing equipment. The need for the best washing operation is even more apparent in food processing and pharmaceutical industries where extremely high hygiene standards have to be met. Our equipment enables you to perform a rapid and perfect cleaning and sanitization of every product you need to clean. Our systems are precise, ecological and convenient for the user. They are sustainable and designed to protect the environment, because they recycle the water and use the energy efficiently. Therefore, they help you cut the performing costs and become more efficient as a company. Besides being safe and extremely skilfully manufactured from stainless steel, these machines are sustainable and extremely high functional. We offer total industrial washing solutions, industrial washers for multiple purposes as well as item-specific washers, specialized machines and sanitizers.

An excellent washing machine for crates with many features

Our crate washer machines provide a secure and deep cleaning and rinsing of Euro stacking containers, crates, trays, Euro pallets, utensil baskets and more. Simply put, our machines are designed to perform their job with excellence – and to last. They include an advanced filtering system designed to catch all the dirt pieces which also extends the lifespan of the device. Furthermore, you will never have to worry about the damage to the pump resulting from low water levels, because the device is designed to prevent that. In addition, it includes a water recycling system that will help you reduce the usage of water and lower your costs, and a drying tunnel for crates. The Nieros washers are sanitized with hot water (85 °C), so an exceptional hygiene can be achieved in any type of industry.

Crate washers with automized functions

Industrial washers from Nieros include many automatized functions, such as electric water heating and automatic detergent dispersion for crate cleaning and thoroughly brushing the surface of pallets. The bins are loaded and unloaded completely automatically, which is another one of the key features of our products.

At Nieros we will find the right solution for your needs, that will soon help your business grow efficiently and productively. Nieros has many satisfied customers from different industries – many companies in fields of food, cosmetic, chemical, veterinary and pharmaceutical manufacture all rely on and trust our industrial washing systems.

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