Crate washer machine helps with industrial hygiene standards

Nieros crate washer machines facilitate effective washing and drying of crates, pallets and other standardized items. All their industrial washing equipment is technologically highly advanced and delivers superior cleaning results. Their washing machines for crates are used for excellent rinsing and washing of Euro stacking crates and containers of similar dimensions. They are also applicable for Euro-pallets, trays and utensil baskets, able of washing up to 3000 crates per hour. Due to their smooth surface and resistant stainless steel chain, they are also very simple to maintain.

Drying tunnel for crates is a liquid blow-off industrial washing tunnel, designed for removing of the water remains, after the washing process is finished.

Nieros IBC ABT IBC utilises accelerated air, that by blowing through a sophisticated air-nozzle system, effectively removes residual water from the items. For optimal results, they should be preliminary rinsed with hot water at a temperature of approximately 85 °C.

Crate washer machine

Depending on the model, the drying tunnel can accommodate up to 50 items per hour. The objects that we need to dry can have maximum dimensions of 1380 x 1160 x 1680 mm per item. As a modular unit, it can be easily integrated into any of the comprehensive Nieros washing systems or work independently as a separate unit.


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