Commercial showroom

Like most new buildings, temporary exhibitions and permanent showrooms can both greatly benefit from modular layout systems, as inventory may change frequently. When the surrounding space can adapt like a tailor made suit to each product it is displaying, the optimal presentation can be achieved with very little effort. The perfect shape and size of the space in which a product is presented can do wonders for its overall appeal. Many products like custom furniture, mobility products and even applications or technical installations need special attention when it comes to optimal presentation and maximizing their appeal to potential buyers. Working towards the ultimate goal of boosting sales by means of physical display is what we elaborate on further in this article.

Once the product, market and location for display has been decided upon, the often overseen option is to tailor the direct surroundings to the displayed item. Like a background in a movie, a decor on a stage or the scenery outside in a commercial advertisement on TV, the showroom itself can set the mood for a great deal. Defining the right structure and design can make for an increase in sales like nothing ever before. Making your audience long to find out more about what it is, that you can offer them, or hitting the sensitive snare with your precisely targeted market can make success come to you like a summer breeze. The sheer importance of defining the setting cannot be over stated in the case of showrooms in retail, marketing and display of products.

Ideally, upon discovering the optimal setup of a showroom, we want to take into account the seasonality during the year and frequent changes of what is on display. Because high costs can be made redesigning or repurposing a space every once in a while, the preferred solution is to start with flexibility. Starting with structural flexibility can help with later changes in the layout and overall design of a showroom. Modularity of the space dividers and utility systems like electricity will assure ease of mind when it comes to creative changes. Lowering the barriers to change a showroom will affect how customers perceive your showroom each time they come around. Finding new interesting displays every so often, makes them stay interested and subconsciously like the atmosphere better. Making buyers return is what every shop keeper wants to achieve, and with flexible solutions the goal becomes many steps closer to reality.

commercial showroom

Designing more than just a showroom

With the eyes of your customers naturally scanning all of the display, including the structure of the showroom itself, it is crucial to get the basis right. Correct shapes, colours and especially light can transform the room into anything you want. What is ideal for your products though, might be quite far from your initial ideas, and this is where the in house designer comes in. Working closely together with architects and interior designers, we are able to look critically at your product range and decide from there on. The true qualities within your product might need extra attention in the form of presentation in a specific fashion. Using the right materials and textures, we can surround the display with optimal conditions for appealing aesthetics. Making visually pleasing attributes can help drawing the eye towards what’s on display, while at the same time with contrasting aspects make the product extra vivid and wanted.

commercial showroom design

Setting your business apart from the others by making the difference

With higher standards, a futuristic approach or another perspective, one can differentiate enormously from the competition. Making a concept work like no other, and frequent interesting changes of scenery will help you to stay ahead of any kind of competition. Proofing time after time, each time your customer comes in, that you have something no one else has will make them long for more. To keep them coming back to you, instead of checking out the other offers, is what makes the showroom design so crucial. Many industries make use of showroom architecture, but usually stick to the same layout for many years without rigorous changes. Being able to move with trends, ahead of trends, experiment and frequently change is what we believe the new revolution in showroom and retail interiors.

No matter which path you choose in design language, as long as it start with a flexible base model system, you will always be pleased with results that your showroom will generate. Finding that extra percentage of potential clients to become buyers, and seeing an increase in single time visitors becoming regular shoppers is what it’s all about. Showroom design can help in commercial purposes more than is usually thought. Setting the right mood is crucial without exceptions, according to the most renowned experts in the field.

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