Commercial property architecture and recent developments

Commercial building architecture is undergoing a major shift these days, as new building methods and materials allow for a great deal of improvement in the processes of constructing, modifying and maintaining a building. Over the past decades, as land, energy and labor prices increased, the demand for sustainable modular building constructions increased significantly. As additional amplifier of this phenomena, the shortage of skilled craftsmen left the opportunity to engineers, to improve prefabrication methods and start supplying a whole new kind of modular building.

commercial building architecture

Modular building benefits

There’s many benefits to building in a modular fashion. The flexibility of shape, size and location cannot be better with any other type of building. Also safety standards are outstanding, as structural rigidity and fire resistance are unmatched and guaranteed. With delivery times shorter than ever before, there are only reasons to choose for this new type of modular commercial building.

Being incredibly flexible in shape and size with relatively easy to modify structural components, these buildings are perfectly suited for rapidly changing needs. For expanding or repurposing, the modularity is simply ideal. Low cost modifications and additions can be made throughout the lifespan of the structure. Even the location is matter of change, as the light weight modules are often remarkably easy to transport. Using high isolation value glass, the latest in concrete technology, composites and durable sandwich panels, an incomparable result can be achieved at groundbreaking delivery times. Turn-key solutions are possible as well as partial modular units. The sky is the limit.

Applications for modular architecture

Most forms of property allow a type modular building architecture, as a small addition to a larger existing structure, an exhibition or for instance a temporary storage or shelter facility can come in handy at many times. The possibilities are endless, and so are the solutions this type of structure can offer. In a matter of weeks, the new facility can be taken into use. Exact shapes and long lasting design features are great examples of some of the many benefits this new era building method can offer.

modular building construction

Repurposing a building has never been easier, as modifications can be arranged nearly effortless compared to classic building methods. Using the latest and greatest in terms of materials, the new type of building structure feels not an inch short of the strength and warmth of traditional buildings. Now that the technical possibilities have improved, a whole new design language can be taken on, as well as more daring extravagant impressions can be made with styling a complete building according to your wishes.

Whether it’s public, industrial or private property that is desired, modular building construction can offer a tailor made solution. With huge savings in labor or construction time, a structure can be had according to any type of budget. Even the location and soil type are indifferent, and the use of state of the art materials make these commercial properties suitable for practically any situation. A great new way to build.

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